Yamato 1/60 FanJet Model (Event/Website Exclusive)


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 Yamato Fanjet Model 1.jpg

Let’s get this crackin’ by stating the obvious, anymoon.com is not a website for models. There are a lot of good model websites out there with tons of great information so if you’re interested in Macross model information do a Yahoo! search. This model comes in a white box in packaging that looks like it’d belong to a quality resin kit. There really isn’t much to it, some bubblewrap, the model on its sprues in a plastic baggy, and instructions.

 Yamato Fanjet Model 3.jpg

I purchased this product just to show Yamato that there was fan (no pun intended) interest in seeing this thing developed. I have no idea what I’ll do with it now. It was a Shizuoka Hobby Show exclusive with the remaining pieces (up to 1000 total) being sold via Yamato’s Japanese website. The model didn’t seem to sell spectacularly well although I doubt you’ll see them being sold at a discount any time soon.  Original MSRP was about $30(US) which is pretty steep for what you get.

 Yamato Fanjet Model 2.jpg

I’ve tried to take some close-up pictures so you would see the kind of detail you’re getting into. It’s a pretty small craft so it looks like it will be up to the builder to give it some detail touches to really make it come to life.

Yamato Fanjet Model 4.jpg003.jpg

As I have no intention to actually build this kit I can’t really speak to how well it comes together or if there’s any special abilities. It looks exceedingly simple to me, if you actually have built it I’d love to get your feedback in some comments here. Heck, if you’ve built one email me some pics and I’ll splash ’em up here with all sorts of credit for you.  The completed pictures shown here are the promotional pictures Yamato distributed.


The one thing I was able to determine is that it looks like, barring any issue with the head and the canopy, a 1/60 pilot figure would fit in this fan jet nicely (including the Hikaru that came with the VF-1D to be accurate to the show). I think it will be up to you to create your own scratch figure of Hikaru with Minmay in his lap.

 Yamato Fanjet Model 5.jpg004.jpg

So here’s the challenge model builders… someone needs to build a diorama of a thrashed Fan Jet inside the hull of the SDF-1. There should be a Hikaru and Minmay camping scene recreated also. Beyond that folks, here’s a few pics of the kit, I hope it can help some of you decide whether or not you’d like to track one down of your own.

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  1. One thing to note if you are buying this, there aren’t landing gears so you’re going to also want to purchase a Yamato GNU stand.

  2. I hope Yamato will make a toy of it cos I’m a toy collector and don’t have the skill for model kit. Saw it selling in Singapore @ fleamarket and the price is steep for a simple model kit.

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