“What exactly is the point of this website?”

A few years back I was searching for information on Mospeada toys and I kept coming up blank.  A few websites had some information on certain products, other websites had some details on other products, and basically it just seemed like I couldn’t find anything comprehensive.  So, I set out to make a website that provided as much information as I could dig up about each toy I handled so as my collection grew more people than just myself would benefit from it.

“Seems like most these toys get similar scores, what’s a GOOD score?”

The review system is really just a way for me to be able to discuss different aspects of each toy.  I wouldn’t put too much value on the final scores.  When things are working right 35 is an absolutely average score for a toy and it seems that most toys score right about that amount.

“Are any of your toys for sale?”

Sometimes.  In the future if I put up a toy for sale I’ll add a link to the front page so everyone has fair notice that I’m selling something.

“Why does it take so long for you to put up reviews of new products?”

The simple act of taking and editing pictures requires quite a bit of time.  When the product comes with several varieties that transform I end up taking a massive quantity of pictures.  These reviews also tend to have more valuable information the longer I wait.  If I transform a toy once I can’t very well tell you how durable it is or seems to be.  If I’ve had it for a week or two and transformed it a few times and read a few toy forum responses about the toys I can better let you know what issues to look out for.  Finally, I own way too many toys.  At this point, when I realize how much I’ve spent, it becomes increasingly harder to spend more money on toys.  As such, I like to wait a while after a toy is released and then purchase it when it goes on sale.

“Is there any way I can help?  I’d like to contribute!”

I would absolutely love for people to help here.  Help can come in a variety of forms.  Do you know something about the toy I didn’t mention in the review (like the date a toy was produced or some fragile area I over-looked).  Please, leave a comment on that post!  Also be sure to leave a comment if you disagree, there’s no reason I should be the final say on whether or not a toy is worth getting.  Sometimes I make mistakes (either grammatical or factual), if you notice them let me know!  Sometimes my collection is clearly lacking and I don’t own all the varieties of a certain toy.  If you own one of the ones I’m missing shoot me an email and maybe we can add your pics to the review.  At some point I would love to have alternate reviews up here or have people submit their reviews for toys I don’t own.  Let’s make Anymoon.com into a database for Robotech, Macross, and Mospeada toys!

“How do I contact you?”

The best way to get in touch with me is to email scorchedearthtoys@gmail.com and put something in the subject line that doesn’t sound like you’re trying to sell me prescription drugs.

“Why don’t comments appear immediately after I submit them?”

Honestly, I have a website admin who set that all up.  I think after you’ve posted one comment though you’re clear to post from then on.  I do have the ability to edit your comments though but the only time I’d do that is if you put something like your email address in the comment.  Occasionally I say things I find to be quite funny in miscellaneous forums but are actually quite rude.  If you’re here because you feel I’ve insulted you don’t leave a complaint in a random comment somewhere, shoot me an email, I’m sure you’ll find me rather level-headed.

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