2012 In Review

Hello everyone and thanks for spending another year with anymoon.com!  It was another exciting year for toy collectors, and I’m gonna break it down for you and drop some hints of what’s to come.

This year started off with a bang as Yamato announced it would make a VF-4G via a pamphlet included in the 1/60 VF-17 toys released at the end of 2011.  The VF-4G was released at the end of the year and you can expect an in-depth review here shortly.  A licensing debacle led Yamato to make a VF-X themed VF-4 rather than the one from Do You Remember Love make it an even more odd niche toy.  While the VF-4 is clearly unique, there were really three franchises to track in 2012:

Super Dimensional Fortress Macross celebrated its 30th anniversary:
Yamato released a series of VF-1 toys and included  “option parts.”  The option parts.  The option parts included side and neck covers, and elevated pilot seat(s) for battroid mode.  You would recognize the seat gimmick option parts from my post on the T-rex accessories that they sold at WonderFest a few years back.  I’ll be updating my Yamato V2 VF-1 post soon with an updated log of which toys were released when and for how much soon.  I’ll also give you lots of good pictures of the installed option parts so you can judge how much they’d be worth to you.  There were two entirely new releases for the Yamato V2 as well.  The first was the “Cavaliers” scheme, a navy blue with red accents VF-1 shown briefly in the hangar in the original show (the box says this release includes the option parts, it doesn’t).  The second was a DYRL themed cannon fodder VF-1A which has slightly different trim and the DYRL specific VF-1A head that separates it from the previously released TV cannon fodder VF-1A.   There were a couple things we didn’t see this year: the Phalanx destroid and the Britai vinyl figure that Yamato has teased at several events.  Are they permanently shelved?  It seems likely at this point but a sufficient enough lull between productions  could make them reconsider.

Yamato continues to support their newest license acquisition with more releases although most got pushed to the end of the year with the exception of the VF-19F.  Yamato exited the year on a high note releasing the VF-17D, VF-17D Super Parts giftset, Super Parts for VF-17, and the VF-19P Zola Patrol version.  You can expect to see all of these on anymoon.com, some sooner than others.  The VF-19 has been amongst Yamato’s most praised productions.  Word is that feedback has been so overwhelmingly positive Yamato is researching ways to capitalize on it further.

Macross Frontier
Bandai has kept fans hungry for more in way of supply but continued to deliver by way of new things we want.  The year started strong with the release of the Renewal VF-25S Ozma custom that quickly sold out and many are hoping gets reissued.  There was a brief reissue of the 2012 YF-29 Alto release… so brief many people failed to notice it even happened.  In April we received super parts for the renewal VF-25F and 25S that blew away the V1 parts just as the renewal toys blew away the V1 toys.  Midyear Bandai hit us with the VF-171 toy and armored parts for the renewal VF-25 toys.  Rumor has it the 171 toy had been designed long ago but Bandai wasn’t convinced it was worth the risk until sales of the Renewal VF-25 toys proved brisk.  It appears sales were strong for the 171 as they’re following it up with a cannon fodder version in April 2013.  In Q3 we received the renewal VF-25G Michael variant followed closely by an early Q4 release of the special Focker custom YF-29 (both toys that are being shipped to me with my VF-4 and will be on this site soon).  Bandai finished the year strong releasing armor parts upgrades for the 171 toy (also being shipped with my VF-4) and announcing future releases of a renewal Luca custom RVF-25, a VF-27 with Super Parts (appears to be the same mold as the original VF-27), super parts for the Focker YF-29, and a MonsterArts Vajra figure on as well as the previously mentioned CF 171.  So, 2013 hasn’t even started and it’s looking good.  I’m not the best at making predictions but I would expect to see Luca go on sale in the middle of Q2 and announcement for Tamashii exclusive Luca and Michael super parts for late Q3 delivery.  I also suspect we’ll be hearing about Tornado parts and reissues of the VF-25F and VF-25S soon.  While it’s technically not a Macross Frontier piece of merchandise since it doesn’t appear in that show or the related movies, Bandai appears to be making a toy of the YF-30, a valkyrie from the PS3 game being released to celebrate Macross’ 30th anniversary. 

Sadly, other than some model releases Mospeada merchandise was nowhere to be found in 2012 but 2013 may bring better tidings as that’s the 30th anniversary of the show.  If you’re a modeler you’re probably not reading this but I suspect you’ll get lots of great Mospeada stuff next year… even if it’s extremely expensive and hard to come by.  Robotech continues to slumber with no news to be optimistic about.  It’s hard to see the continuing success of Macross and not feel that Robotech has squandered away its last chances at continuing relevance.

As for site news, I’m continuing my efforts to revamp the site into more of a Wikipedia-type layout.  I want to give my readers one page where they can learn all about a release and all of its variants rather than having to skim through several different posts just because the mold was tweaked slightly.  To that end, expect to see more updated older posts throughout 2013 but it’s my genuine hope that the updating of old content will wind down by the end of the year letting me focus on new projects.  If that’s the case, expect to see me track down more classic toys I haven’t posted here yet and more toys from different shows.  I know Votoms has a very limited English-speaking audience (which is a shame, it’s an awesome show) but none-the-less I’m dedicated to making anymoon the greatest English language website for Votoms toys. 

As always, I appreciate all the people who come check out my site and hope you’re finding it helpful.  Please feel free to email me at micronian_ace@anymoon.com or post comments with suggestions for how to keep improving the site to make it more useful to you.

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  1. I have one suggestion: For toys which have had many different iterations over the years, perhaps it might be useful to include a feature that lists the toys according to model, ranked in order by their total review scores — e.g., Top 10 VF-1 toys, Top 5 ride armor toys, etc.

  2. How about if I made a page in the upper right navigation bar (where the About the Author page is) called ‘Toy rankings” and listed each type of toy (based on the groupings from the nav) and listed all of the toys that have been reviewed from highest to lowest score? There wouldn’t be much in the way of commentary though. My only fear with doing something like this is that another five years from now I’ll have updated lots of these posts and changed some scores but neglected to reflect that information there.

  3. I think that’s a good idea, along the lines of what I was thinking. But I think you’d only really need to do it for the toys that have had many iterations. I think you have like one hovertank post, so obviously toys like that wouldn’t warrant a ranking list.

    The other option that might require less updating in the future would be a sort of Anymoon.com “Hall of Fame” where you simply list notable “best of” toys in the respective categories, based on review scores and more qualitative factors. That way you wouldn’t necessarily have to update the list if the review scores change. For example, even though the chunky monkey has lower review scores compared to their modern cousins, you might include them based on popularity on nostalgia factor.

  4. Excellent. This blog is awesome. Exitos con tu site estilo wiki siempre veo tu blog soy coleccionista de macross y este es el mejor sitio felicitaciones…

  5. Suggestion:
    Could you set up some links for good places to buy these toys? I know the older ones are Ebay only most times, but for the newer ones could you suggest recommended sites for purchase?

  6. Unfortunately I get most my toys now from a friend who lives in Japan so I don’t have a ton of experience ordering from online shops. I hear good things about amiami, HLJ, nipponyasan, and Hobby Search Japan. If any of them want to send me free toys I’ll spam the hell out of my site with links to them! :D –

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