Bandai 1/60 DX Ghost & Weapons Bonus Items

Bandai DX Ghost 2

Observations & Critique: More money well burnt

Bandai DX Ghost 1

Tamashii exclusives come in a brown shipping box which houses a white inner box sheathed in tissue paper.  Inside the box you’ll find ONE of Luca’s Ghosts, 2 communications antennae for the Ghost and corresponding (but not included) RVF-25 DX toy, 4 Reaction Missiles, Two sets of three mid-sized missiles, two individual longer missiles, and two sets of what look to be gun pods.  Non-essential parts also include a display stand for the Ghost and a piece you can swap out to use said stand.

Bandai DX Ghost 3

These were website exclusives limited to shipping addresses in Japan and it should only get harder to find these as time goes on.  The Ghost Bonus Items should appeal to a bit broader base than the Gallia IV bonus parts.  I have heard of a number of people ordering three sets of these parts so that they could have all three Ghosts to go along with their Luca DX VF-25 figure.  The price on these is pretty prohibitive for most.

Bandai DX Ghost 6

As seen previously with the Gallia IV bonus parts, Bandai has improved their accuracy since their VF-25 DX effort. The Ghost looks great.  The obvious downside to the missiles is that they have to clip to the front of the DX’s wing since the DX didn’t come with hard points.  It’s not quite as bad as I anticipated but it’s still pretty amateurish.  You can probably do a better job than I did in the picture above of getting the missiles lined up.

Bandai DX Ghost 4

There are some let downs in the design here.  At this price, you would hope that the Ghost would have landing gears but it’s great that Bandai compensated with a simple but effective display stand.  Obviously the front clip mechanisms for the missiles are a let down as pegs fitting into the holes that should be in the wings would have been much more visually appealing (and failing that then magnets might have been cool). 


Bandai DX Ghost 5B

I only have one complaint about the build here and that is that some parts of the Ghost are made of PVC so they might not hold their shape over time.  As you might expect with any clip on part, you’re going to want to be extra cautious about attaching the missiles.

Bandai DX Ghost 7

Since there’s really nothing to mention in regards to articulation (other than that the Ghost attaches to its display stand via a ball joint) I’ll move right into the final thoughts.  This is a great product but the Ghost should have been included with the DX RVF-25 toy OR three Ghosts should have come with this set.  The extra bonus missiles are great but of those I think the reaction missiles are the only ones most people are going to care for.

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  1. Hmm… do you have a screen capture? It didn’t look like anything would work with the large armor attached.

  2. I don’t have my Armored Ozma out and I’m not testing it right now, but from the picture in my review of the Armored Ozma (from behind in full armored battroid) it does not look like there’s any place to put the missiles. The little fins on the armor are too thick for the clips and I don’t see any holes. If anyone has experience please chime in.

  3. Nice review here, is it possible to attach these missiles to the renew version of VF-25s toys? maybe you could post some photo too with the newly release super parts plus these missles here that would be awesome. Thanks.

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