Gakken 1/35 Ride Armors

REVIEW(updated): Little, Metal, Different

Packaging & Extras: (2/5)
These toys are tiny and there’s not a lot to them.  What appear to be extras when the box is opened are actually parts that must be attached to complete the toy.  Essentially, no extras are packaged at all.  The box is sturdy enough, the artwork is nice and indicates what’s actually inside instead of just being generic on the cover. Be careful with the arm gauntlets.  Some of them, like Houquet’s, fit rather loosely in the Styrofoam and could potentially rattle out of their housing and ultimately out of the box.  You may want to cover the arm gauntlet recesses with a piece of tape to make sure nothing falls out inadvertently.

Charm & Collectibility: (4/5)
What really makes these toys cool is their scale. Being 1/35 means they’re the right size to be (dis)played with the large 1/35 Gakken Legioss (Alpha) toys. At 6.3cm tall, they may be a bit larger than they ought to be but they’re close enough (the standing pilot figure that comes with the 1/35 Legioss toy is 5cm tall). While they’re rather small and don’t transform, these toys do feature a lot of metal. Gakken had big dreams for where Mospeada would go and part of those dreams was a line called “ZDC” for “Zinc Die Cast”. That line was supposed to be the premium line while toys like the 1/72 Legioss and transformable 1/20 were more the ‘playing with’ lines. The ZDC line didn’t make it far seeing only two official releases (1/20 non-transformable armor mode VR-52F and 1/55 two mode AFC-01H Legioss) but it’s a safe bet that these 1/35 ride armors, though they dropped the name, were intended to be part of this line as well. When I first published this post, I was genuinely surprised by how many people reached out to me asking for more information. Unfortunately, I don’t really know of an easy way of acquiring these toys and the best I can do is to tell you to keep your eye out on auction sites. In the years since this post originally went live on the site there have been an influx of additional Ride Armor toys from Mega House, CMs, Beagle/Toynami, ans Sentinel which may have put some downward pressure on this score though seemingly every ride armor created has gone on to be a hot collectible.

Sculpt, Detail, and Paint: (6/10)
The actual sculpt employed is pretty impressive in that each different ride armor utilizing the elements specific to it.  Houquet/Fuke features the rounded chest of her cycle as well as the larger gun she toted.  Stick has his missile pods and Rey has his gun.  Unfortunately, the paint schemes don’t really follow the show.  Houquet/Fuke isn’t off by much but the others are a pretty broad jump from where they should be. Otherwise, the level of detail is quite impressive for something so small but it’s a far cry from the modern releases.

Design: (4/10)
This is nearly impossible to judge for me since I don’t know the original intent of the toy.  If this were meant for children to play with… well, it’s not a great toy and more care should have been taken to make it a wee bit more fun.  If this were originally intended to be a little metal statue to pose with the other vehicles then the designers did a fine job.  More points of articulation on something this small would have certainly impaired the overall look (considering the technology of the time).

Durability & Build: (6.5/10)
The main section of this toy is made of metal so it’s quite durable.  It’s pretty easy to knock the detachable pieces off but it’s just as easy to put them back on without anything being broken.  The build quality does suffer a from paint smudges and seams.  The paint will also be susceptible to wear over time but the lack of articulation should keep that problem in check.  If you really wanted to you could pry these toys apart at the seam that runs down the middle (they’re not glued and this wouldn’t hurt the toy).  My Ray/Rand toy has a broken gauntlet on the non-gun side.  The gauntlet features a button to fit over a peg in the arm and the pressure of the peg caused the gauntlet to snap.  I don’t think this would be a concern with the other variants since Stick has missiles that strengthen the gauntlet and Houquet has slots on her gauntlets instead of a button.

Articulation: (3/10)
The head moves, the arms move, there’s some slight movement at the knee, and the gun moves since it’s attached by a peg.  You won’t be putting these toys in fun poses.

Total Score: (25.5/50)
This isn’t a fun toy.  It’s not a very cost-effective toy either.  What this is is a nostalgic display piece that goes extremely well with the Gakken 1/35 Legioss toys or even the Evolution Toy Legioss. Don’t buy this hoping it will knock your socks off with its play attributes, buy it because it’s going to look good on the shelf in your Mospeada display (or don’t buy it at all).

NOTE: This review has been updated for content, all new pictures, line art comparisons, and a video review.
Original Post Date: May 24, 2006
First Update: April 8, 2007

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  1. Hey – great reviews, as always. I was wondering if you’ve ever thought about review “updates” at least with respect to collectability. For instance, Scott’s VFA-6H have fetched over $200 (on evilbay) as have the appendix armor packs for the toynami veritechs.

    I think this would be very useful information. Any updated forecast on whether there are VFA-6Hs hiding in the shadows until a Beta is released? What about the impact of Cm’s Legioss/Tread on the collectability of other alpha toys?

    THanks for any insight – Duck996

  2. Thanks for the input, I definitely hope to be able to update my little review blurbs with more accurate and present information as time allows. Unfortunately, most the time I have for the site gets consumed by taking and cleaning up photos since they’re supposedly worth a thousand words as the old saying goes. Some of my early posts have really atrocious and odd-sized photos so getting those up to snuff is my number 1 priority (with some brand new toys to the site also to keep things fresh).

    Sadly I’m a bit removed from the new toy market at the moment with everything else going on so I have no scoops regarding the new toys on the horizon or what Toynami might have hidden away in a warehouse. I’m a huge Mospeada fan though and am attempting to get my site all caught up so I can have reviews of the upcoming products by Aoshima, CMs, Beagle (if it’s not a Toynami release) and Toynami pretty much the moment those toys are released. Looks like it might be an expensive summer!

  3. Thanks. I look forward to more of your reviews. You are right, it is going to be one VERY expensive summer….

  4. I used to have these like 15 years ago. I think I still have the red one in my toy box. Yeah. Today they’re nothing more than nostalgia fuel.

  5. I only have the standard Scott Bernard version and the condition ain’t like yours. Those you have are well preserved and it’s through your blog I get to know more about Mospeada, Macross/ Robotech toys.

  6. how can I get these three little diecast? I wish I can have the blue one at least. thank you for your advise.


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