Yamato 1/12 – Chirico Cuvie Full Action Figure.

Today, I’m taking a look at Yamato’s 1/12 scale Chirico Cuvie Pilot figure for their VOTOMS line. This is my first video review and I’m open to comments and suggestions.

Yamato 1/12 Chirico Cuvie Votoms Full Action Figure

When I first started collecting the VOTOMs line I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to get this figure, as I’m not a big fan of action figures or human toys. My thinking is that I would just display the Votoms closed up anyway, so why spend another $60-$100 dollars on an action figures.

However, the more I got into the show and the more I started to enjoy the line, I knew it was a must have. The added display value alone makes it worth your money. Either having Chirico posing outside his dog, riding in the driver seat with the top up, or working on his own, the splash of orange red color really pops next to the stark scope dogs.

As a toy I have very few complaints. The articulation is top notch, boasting 20 points of articulation. Everything swivels or rotates, even his high quality gun holsters. Sadly, his head articulation suffers a bit, as you can’t cock his head back at all. I’m not sure why, but I think it has to do with the sculpt. The figures neutral pose is meant to represent the art of the show, meaning the legs are bowed forward with Chirico almost hunching backward, his head pushed down in defiance.

The sculpt and detail of the masked and unmasked heads more than makes up for this lack of movement.

Chirico’s half shotgun rifle weapon slots into his hand easily and stays in place without a lot of fuss, which is always appreciated.

The range of flesh and uniform colored hands also gives a lot of options. Do you want a casual Chirico, or a Perfect Soldier ready for war? The choice is up to you.

Overall, this is a fantastic figure. If you collect Yamato’s VOTOMs line, I would consider it a must have to complete the look. I would suggest this piece even if you are just a fan of articulated action figures as the iconic visor and suit are a classic eighties design that would look great in any collection.

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