Arii Macross 15th Anniversary VF-1 Battroid and GERWALK Toys

Review: Read this review to realize how good we have it on the 30th annivesary

Packaging & Extras: (2/5)
These toys come packaged on a blistercard.  In addition to the toy itself you get the following:
1) A gun which can be removed from the fist
2) A trading figure of one of the characters from the show
3) A pamphlet on Arii products (including a picture of an unreleased VF-1A Angelbirds battroid figure)
4) A trading card (of sorts) of one of the characters.  Here’s a breakdown of all the Arii toys available and the included figure:
A) Battroid Hikaru VF-1J with Hikaru Saluting
B) Battroid VF-1D with Minmei in red
C) Battroid Focker VF-1S with Focker waving
D) Battroid Max VF-1A with Max
E) Battroid Miria VF-1J with Miria in Zentraedi flight suit
F) Battroid Mass Production VF-1A with Misa figure
H) GERWALK Focker VF-1S with same Focker figure as battroid VF-1S
I) GERWALK VF-1D with swimsuit Minmei
J) GERWALK Max VF-1A with same Max figure as Max battroid
K) GERWALK Hikaru VF-1J with same figure as Hikaru battroid
L) GERWALK Miria VF-1J with same figure as Miria battroid
M) GERWALK Mass Production VF-1A with same figure as mass production battroid

Charm & Collectability: (1.5/5)
These toys don’t transform, they don’t contain metal, and they weren’t part of the original series of toys 30 years ago that came out with the show so these toys don’t have a lot going for them.  They also don’t conform nicely to any scale line of toys although at roughly 17cm tall (not including head lasers or super parts) the battroid toys are very close to 1/72 scale.  Add to that the fact that these aren’t very good toys and it’s pretty easy to understand why the only people hunting these things down are true diehard completists.

Sculpt, Detail, & Paint: (5/10)
Battroid isn’t sexy but it’s also not ridiculously far off from how the original line art depicts the mode.  GERWALK is a little further removed from the line art.  For both toys it looks like someone took one random still from the TV show and decided to make a toy based on how the vehicle looked in that one still ignoring all the proportion shifting that happens throughout the frequently poor animation.  Where the toy fails in overall beauty it does get some points for having a better paint job than one would expect on a toy that seems to have this poor production qualities.  The character figures are kind of the highlight although, like everything else involved with this toy, these days there are many much better options.   The Max toys inexplicably have his VF-1J paint scheme with a VF-1A head.  Don’t expect any clear plastic bits to represent lights, all detail is painted on.

Design: (2/10)
The highlight of these toys from a design standpoint is that the wings on the GERWALK toys are geared together so moving one wing moves the other.  The only other design element worth mentioning here is that the gun can be removed from the fist.  You won’t get anything fancy like hard points on the wings with removable missiles for the GERWALK toys or wings that can be splayed out on the battroid toys.  You also won’t find any clever gimmicks to improve articulation or add any fun factor here.

Durability & Build: (5/10)
Build is terrible on these but the durability isn’t bad.  Expect to find sloppy paint, poorly glued parts, and poor fit issues that may lead to loose joints.  The toy is very basic though so many of the problems that plague today’s high end complicated transformable products won’t be a headache here.  If you’re lucky enough to get a toy that is put together well than you should have no fear handling it and it’s even the type of toy you can hand over to a youngster with very little fear.  The only stand out scary item are the head lasers on the GERWALK toys.  These lasers can be easily removed which may lead to them coming unseated accidentally and they’re also made of very thin plastic.

Articulation: (4/10)
These toys are not dynamic.  The battroid mode toys give you a twist at the neck, waist, shoulder, elbow and wrist.  Pivot joints exist at the elbow, knee, and on the strike cannon for those toys that have them.  The feet on all these toys feature a large range of motion up and down which helps with running type poses.  The head lasers are articulated on the GERWALK toys but not the battroid toys.  The hips are pegs on PVC plastic which has some give so you can get a slight A-stance in battroid.  GERWALK toys suffer from a lack of a twist mechanism in the knee.

Total Score: (19.5/50)
This toy is a below average representation of the vehicle from the show that lacks transformation or any other gimmicks to make it interesting, is poorly built, and has limited articulation which renders it dull to handle.  If you’re not a completist steer clear, you have many better options in the non-transformable arena such as Yamato’s GnU VF-1 figures and Kaiyodo’s Revoltech VF-1 figures.  The best part about owning these toys is seeing how far things have come for Macross toy collectors since the late 90s.

6 Replies to “Arii Macross 15th Anniversary VF-1 Battroid and GERWALK Toys”

  1. It seemed to me that these toys were based on the sculpts for Arii’s 1/100 plamodels of these Valks.

  2. I agree. Having built some of the old 1/100 ARII battroid model kits, it looked like ARII slightly modified them and sold them as toys. These toys are laughably hideous, but it’s good to hear that they’re pretty durable. Any idea what scale the character figures are in?

  3. The character figures are barely 3-inches tall. So I think that makes them about 1:2h. They’re the same sculpts that are packed unpainted into the 15th anniversary Arii 1:100 plamo kits, but done in softer PVC. They don’t have stands, which makes standing ones like Misa on display a bit problematic

  4. I kind of like the miniature figure. Roy is with eyes and skin tone is strange so I repaint. Whats nice to have these characters sold separately. Maybe groups like. Hikaru and his Vermillion Wing. Or Claudia and Roy. Or the bridge bunnies. Can be fun to have.

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