Toynami Super Poseable VF-1 (Wave 2)

Review:  Do You Remember Love and BattleCry variants

Packaging & Extras: (2/5) +0.5 for Comic-Con Exclusive Hikaru VF-1S
With the exception of the Comic-Con exclusive VF-1S DYRL Hikaru toy, all Wave 2 Super Poseables come on a blister card. All toys (including the Comic-Con exclusive Hikaru) come with the figure and the following:
1) Gun with permanently affixed strap
2) 3x Fixed Posed Hands

Charm & Collectability: (2/5)
I’d like to give Hikaru’s DYRL Strike VF-1S a bit of a higher score here since it was an event exclusive limited to 1000 in production but it seems fewer than 1000 people ever wanted it.  When they came out these toys were a pleasant advancement over Arii’s horrific 15th anniversary toys.  These days your hard earned cash has much better options in the arena of non-transforming battroid toys that are completely devoid of metal.  The Yamato GnU series originally featured an MSRP above these toys and lack super/strike parts but can currently be found at bargain basement prices.  The GnUs are a much higher quality product with greater articulation, roughly 1/100 scale (for the VF-1 line), and come with a basic stand.  At nearly half the size of these Toynami figures Kaiyodo’s Revoltech non-transformable VF-1 toys come with super parts, a stand, and better articulation than these toys.  If you need more reason to pass these toys over you can also look at the smaller scale transformable toys which offer more bang for your buck.  At about the same price as these Super Poseable figures you could purchase Toynami’s 1/100 VF-1 toys or Kaiyodo’s Yamaguchi VF-1 toys which both offer similar levels of articulation (less for the Toynami, more for the Yamaguchi) with the added benefit of transformation.  Then again, if you’re really wise about your money, you’ll pass all of those toys and purchase a Hi-Metal VF-1 toy or go larger in scale and look for a V2 Yamato VF-1 toy on sale.  I would rather have one Hi-Metal toy or V2 VF-1 than every Super Poseable toy.

Sculpt, Detail, & Build: (6.5/10)
The level of detail isn’t remarkable, it’s just fair.  The general shape of the toy isn’t horrible.  The crotch is too pointy, the knee caps are outlandish, the skull is puffy (where present), and the neck has a large and obvious base.  This was clearly an artistic interpretation of the VF-1 meant to create the visual illusion of dynamic movement and to that end it works pretty well.

Design: (4.5/10)
Like wave 1, I sometimes found it very difficult to swap the hands of this toy out for the optional fixed-pose hands.  These toys have the same guns as wave 1 so they also retain the completely useless expanding stock and the permanently affixed gun strap which often gets in the way of good poses.  When all is said and done this follow up to Wave 1 seems to be a half-hearted effort to give fans a toy that could achieve the poses Wave 1 couldn’t but the big shortcoming is that this toy can’t achieve the poses that Wave 1 could.  So, instead of getting a truly super-poseable toy you were left to purchase two “kinda” poseable toys.

Durability & Build: (6/10)
I’m probably being too generous here since the build quality is pretty poor.  I noted several different poor applications of paint on my toys.  These toys continue to be made of the same rubbery plastic of Wave 1.  As with Wave 1, be cautious with the gun strap attached to the gun as it can be easily broken; a problem exacerbated by the strap’s ability to inhibit articulation.

Articulation: (5/10)
As I mentioned before, this really feels like Toynami’s way of creating a toy that could get into the poses the first toy couldn’t… but they accomplished this by making a toy that couldn’t get into the same poses as Wave 1.  So, if you sum the scores of wave 1 and 2 you’ll get a perfect 10… which is a bit too high all things considered.  Can you get some good looking poses with this toy?  Sure.

Total Score: (26/50) +0.5 for Strike Hikaru VF-1S
I enjoy reviewing older toys on this website from time to time.  I’m hoping some day this website will have just about every Macross/Robotech/Mospeada toy ever created chronicled on it.  Sometimes this means I’m reviewing toys well after their window of opportunity.  Back in the day when the Arii 15th anniversary toys were the only affordable show in town these toys were a welcomed improvement.  Since then there have been a number of new stabs at VF-1 toys that have far eclipsed both Wave 1 and Wave 2 of the Super Poseable lines leaving them no more than a footnote in the progress of valkyrie toy production.  You might still consider purchasing these toys to bolster a specific display you’ve made but otherwise they should be an easy pass.

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