T-Rex Accessory Parts for Yamato V2 VF-1 Toys

TreX 2 Seater 3

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TreX 2 Seater 1

I believe these parts were originally available at Winter Wonderfest 2010 (feel free to leave me a comment if I’ve got that wrong).  These were sold by T-Rex, a company that does prototyping and engineering work for Yamato (and other companies).  You may have seen another Wonderfest product they created, a 1/60 scale Zentran soldier.  They sold their show exclusive items in non-descript white boxes with a label and a BigWest logo.  As these were show exclusives guaranteed to sell out there wasn’t a need for anything showy.  Inside the box there were two pieces of paper and three baggies.  I can’t read the one piece but I assume it’s just a description of what you’ve purchased.  The instructions provided are in color on a plain piece of white paper. 

TreX 2 Seater 2

Are you a huge fan of the episode “Viva Milia” or the episode where Hikaru topples his VF-1D into Minmay’s apartment?  If so, then you really ought to have these parts.  Even if you’re not, the set includes a pilot seat designed for the one-seater valks which could help you make some cool displays.  As you might expect, any hard to get option kit for an extremely popular toy could prove quite the collector’s item so you’ll probably have to search high and low for these.

TreX 2 Seater 7

Are these the most anime-accurate reproductions of what was in the show?  I couldn’t tell you because I don’t have huge collections of line art.  What I can tell you is that there’s a ton of very nice detail molded into these items.  They’re more model than toy in that you’re suspected to finish them with a bit of filing, some glue, and some painting.  In many respects just how spectacular these will look will depend on how good your modeling skills are.

TreX 2 Seater 5 

There’s nothing overly-complicated here.  The parts are made very sensibly to require a minimum amount of assembly.  For the pictures here I simply put the parts together without any glue or filing and it was clear where everything went and how it was supposed to work.  The baby pod fits snugly beyond the arms in fighter mode and the base for the chairs fits securely behind the head.  The baby pod also has an opening and closing door but sadly the kit didn’t come with a little Komilia to toss in there.

TreX 2 Seater 6

I’m not the best judge of what these parts are made of.  It’s obviously not the same plastic a Yamato toy is made of, it’s probably more likely a resin of some form, but I have no familiarity with different resins.  The parts feel strong and lack and have nice straight lines and sharp corners.  Is this material probably easier to break than plastic?  I would guess so but there really aren’t any joints here to be concerned about.


I think these extra parts are a blast and make for some pretty awesome and unique display opportunities.  If you have the opportunity, I certainly wouldn’t pass these by.  There’s nothing that says T-Rex can’t make more at future toy industry shows… although I haven’t heard they have any intention to do so.
PS – I would like to thank my friend in Japan who sent these to me.  I would also like to send my best wishes to all the people in Japan affected by the recent earthquake and ensuing tsunami.

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  1. Hi, how I able to get these kits? From T-rex or Wonderfest? Are they selling one of those?

  2. From what I understand, Wonderfest is an event where model makers can get very limited rights to produce and sell kits. TRex received the rights to sell a few of these sets as officially licensed products. They were all sold at the event and then that was it. The only way more would be produced is via a black market recast or if Trex went to another Wonderfest and got the license again to do another limited run. A long shot would be if Yamato wanted to produce an “accessory kit” for their VF-1 toys and included these parts with that kit. All of that seems unlikely so if you want a genuine set you’ll have to use Yahoo Auctions Japan.

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