Bandai DX Variable Stand (Smoke Clear Version)

DX Display Stand 8

Observations & Critique: For use with Bandai’s DX VF-25 and VF-27 toys (all variants)

DX Display Stand 1

It seems like Bandai has elected to sell all of their Tamashii exclusive items in black & white packaging which I guess makes sense because no one is ever going to see these boxes until they’ve already purchased the item.  The stand’s box does what it needs to do, it tells you what’s inside and gives you some hints as to what the stand is capable of.

DX Display Stand 2

While this may be an exclusive item it’s not going to be some sort of collector’s item.  In fact, being an exclusive pretty much just means this thing is going to cost you more than it ought to.  There are many display stand choices available to you, this will be one of the more expensive options.

DX Display Stand 3

The smoke/clear plastic is attractive, as is the overall base.  There’s some mechanical looking segments of the toy to make it seem like it’s hoisted up by some futurist hangar looking instrument.  For the most part the stand does a good job of keeping your focus on the toy, not the stand but I couldn’t help thinking that all of the connection points to the nose of the fighter modes were overly large.

DX Display Stand 5

The early adopters to this stand were rather vocal in their displeasure that the stand could not support battroid mode.  As a result, Tamashii indicated it would send everyone battroid connection pieces in Fall.  In the meantime, this stand is for fighter and GERWALK modes only.  If you own a Bandai DX VF-25 toy you’re probably thinking that you don’t want to display your toy in GERWALK mode so that means this would just be a fighter mode only stand for you.  The VF-25 nose attachment does make an effort to make GERWALK mode better by keeping the crotch connection elevated but it doesn’t really work.  I tried to show off my armored Ozma toy in GERWALK and the weight of the leg armors caused the legs to swing forward making it look like the toy was transforming from GERWALK to battroid rather than holding GERWALK mode.  As you can see from the photos, without the armor on the stand does significantly better.  Since the Bandai DX VF-27 toy handles GERWALK significantly better the display stand also works out better for that toy.  Unfortunately, one aspect of the VF-27 that makes it looks so cool (to some) is its oversized gun… a gun the display stand does not support in fighter mode (although it does support the VF-25 toy’s gun).  So, now that I’ve gone over the nuances of the design, let’s focus on the stand’s core.  The boom of the stand is an octagon so it can be removed from the base, angled, and reinstalled and it will remain perfectly firm.  There’s a support rod that extends from stand’s center to further lock the boom in place and provide support.  There’s also an option third support that can be connected to the stand’s plank for when you want to display a fighter mode toy horizontally.  The boom’s lock slides along the stand allowing you to pick any one of four possible angles.  Finally, to make sure the toy won’t go anywhere no matter how extreme the angle you choose, footcuffs are provided for both the VF-27 and VF-25.

DX Display Stand 7DX Display Stand 6

The stand itself feels clean and sturdy.  There is no paint and the finish of the smoke/clear plastic is uniform.  The sliding mechanism is stiff and the fit and finish of all connecting areas is excellent.  This is a first impression but I findi it highly unlikely this stand will break when used as directed.


While the stand does allow for a very sturdy connection to the toy and lots of angle combinations it’s far from being higly adaptable.  There’s no mechanism at the end of the boom so however you have the boom angled is how your toy will be angled (with exception to GERWALK mode which has connection pieces that fix GERWALK into a different angle).  What this means is that if you wanted to display your fighter mode toy in some sort of a dive it’s just not going to happen.  Want to buy three of these display stands and stack them next to each other and show three DX toys flying horizontally at different heights?  Sorry, can’t do that either.

DX Display Stand 10DX Display Stand 9

It’s a neat stand and it does show off the DX VF-25 toys in fighter mode very well.  I particularly liked my DX toys in sort of a 75degree vertical launch with one twist on the boom (that angle pretty much conceals all the flaws of either of the toys).  That particular pose is also very difficult to pull off with more basic (ie cheaper) display stands.  The real big benefit to this stand is that it really locks the toy into place.  I’ve had toys on other display stands where someone bumping a display case could have led to disaster but I’d never have any fear if my toys were on these stands.  In the end, it’s a very sturdy stand that doesn’t have the flexibility of some cheaper stands.  I’ll revisit this review when the stand has the ability to support battroid mode.

DX Display Stand Update 1C

As promised, Bandai followed up there display stand release by mailing out attachment pieces for battroid.  Unfortunately it’s just an erect adapter without any articulation so you are pretty much limited to putting the boom vertical. 

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  1. are there any generic display stands for macross bandai 1/60 dx? it seems ridiculous to fork out 2700yen for a display stand!

  2. Why does that seem ridiculous? Many of us who collect the Yamato Valks shell out $50 a piece for the original Yamato display stands… I have three of them! 2700 yen seems mighty reasonable to me…

    And no new reviews in almost a month? Did you stop collecting toys? Oris this just a much-needed break? =)

  3. actually… i rather get a 1/72 transforming kit, than spend it on a stand. well.. this is just me. but the stand seems to be like a piece of plastic brick. and just does not cut it for me to spend that kinda money.

    on the other hand, my 1/60s look kinda sad just standing there, without any flying poses… decisions… decisions…

  4. Just a super quick update this week folks as the holidays are officially here and I’m super busy. I am working on two new mega reviews (one by request) and I do have the Yamato SDF-1 on order so hopefully I’ll be back in force soon.

  5. Quick question as to why there is nothing about Macross II: Lovers Again.
    I actually have a hard time finding ANYTHING on this series.
    I’m looking for a model of that SDF-1/Alus and Sylvie’s Valkyrie.
    Maybe it’s here under a different name, but I searched the entire archives.
    What gives overall?

  6. There’s nothing on in particular because I have (so far) dedicated the site to toys and no one ever made any Macross II toys. There are Macross II models out there but I’m not a modeler so I’m afraid I don’t know much about them. I’ve never seen an SDF-1 model specific to Macross II so I suspect you would have to scratch build one. Why hasn’t anyone made any toys? I see this question more for Super Dimensional Calvary Southern Cross (Robotech Masters) and the answer is simply that no toy manufacturers believe there is enough of a market to warrant production. Macross II wasn’t a very popular set of OVAs and it’s now pretty old so the likelihood of ever seeing toys related to it is pretty thin.

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