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Observations & Critique: Casual clothing figures for your ride armor collection

CMs Mospeada Figures 1

Usually there’s no place here at Scorched Earth Toys for character figures, since they’re not really toys, but since these figures go so well with the CMs toys I’ve elected to include them.  Like many other figure sets, the Mospeada figures come gashapon bundled in a larger box with individually packaged characters inside.  CMs used the blind box method, so there’s no way of telling what character you’re buying from the individual boxes.  Fortunately, CMs went with the gentle blind box method that allows you to buy one complete box and receive all the figures including the chase.  In fact, it appears that all the white boxes contain all the characters arranged in exactly the same pattern allowing you to get TWO full sets of the characters with one chase figure.  The chase figure (Yellow as a woman) seems to always be located in the front left-hand (you facing the box) slot.  The standing figures also come with a miniature doll stand so you don’t have to worry so much about them falling over (not pictured).

CMs Mospeada Figures 2

As with everything CMs made for Mospeada, the production run on these figures was very small.  They’ve become quite hard to get a hold of.  Stores that had anticipated selling them never seemed to get them in stock and those that did get them sold out pretty quickly.  Now-a-days the figures catch a nice premium.  I would think that the female Yellow would be the hottest collector’s item but at the same time, it’s also the figure that goes the poorest with the existing CMs toys.  That said, Yellow is a huge fan favorite in Japan which is why the set has two Yellow figures and no Sorji (Sera), Batra (Corg), Jim (Lunk), Aisha (Marlene II), Col. Wolff, or Refless (Regis) figures. 

CMs Mospeada Figures 4

For their scale the CMs figures are not a bad representation of the Mospeada figures but they’re not excellent either.  CMs chose poses that were fairly well known from popular line art (I’ve provided comparisons).  The paint job is fair as is the attention to detail.  There’s some nice shading done on the riding figures.

CMs Mospeada Figures 5

None of the figures feature very much articulation and most can’t really balance on their own.  Don’t expect to get any more joy or satisfaction out of these characters other than really satisfying group pictures with CMs toys… if you own those CMs toys.

CMs Mospeada Figures 6

You don’t really have to worry about breaking these toys since they’re essentially solid hunks of plastic but do be careful when putting the riding Stick (Scott) and Yellow figures on their bikes as the bikes can be fragile.  I also fiddled with the gun that Ray (Rand) comes packaged with to try to get it to work with a Ride Armor but I couldn’t get it to work right and didn’t want to risk breaking the toy or the gun (I admittedly didn’t try very hard).

CMs Mospeada Figures 8CMs Mospeada Figures 3

You don’t really get any articulation out of these figures other than a head that might twist and arms that might go up and down.  Essentially these are little plastic statuettes but I doubt anyone will buy these expecting them to be anything more than that.  If you do have a huge CMs Mospeada toy collection then you’ll find these figures go along very well.  They might leave a little bit to be desired but they do serve their purpose of dressing up your Mospeada display very nicely.  Would these figures go well with the Mega House or Beagle toys?  No, they’re perfectly in scale with the CMs toys and will look small next to a display of another company’s toys (unless you have a large display of mixed scales which is how I generally do things).

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  1. I picked up the set from the MW used forum a few weeks back. I just wanted to have one of every character from the series in one scale or another. The only one missing now is Jim/Lunk. Where’s the love for the big guy???????? Anyway’s, I only have the CM’s Yellow bike, so the rider guys are just kind of perched on the base of their big brother Beagle bikes. I like them though. Glad I got them before they become impossible to find.

  2. Does anyone know where I can get them? I’ve searched high and low. You can contact me at rollinriver @ hotmail . com

  3. Need to get these to complete (No one in the UK stocks anything CM so all International for me) & wish they added more than ONE Galland rifle.
    @Wes I`m hoping CM may give Jim?lunk some loving & maybe with his Jeep too? Now that would be Aces.

  4. I love the Houquet Eroze figure. She was always my favourite character from Mospeada. Although, she should be about a head shorter than Ray. Otherwise, awsome!

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