The Great Masterpiece Conspiracy

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Quest for Truth:  Toynami said 15K, I have my doubts

Alright, here’s the deal, I’ve never seen any Toynami Masterpiece Alpha above the number 10,000.  In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one above the number 7500.  So, I ask you, everyone visiting my site that own an MPC Alpha, to check the numbers of production you have and let me know if you have any with a high serial number.  Go ahead and post a comment here.  No need to be too specific but the more detail the better.  I suspect that we’re going to see a second release of these toys with the higher production numbers some day like we did with the Roy VF-1S Masterpiece toy.

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  1. I’ve owned about 13 MPC Alphas, looking through all my pictures it appears that the highest number I had was 1 Scott MPC Alpha in the 5000s. I also had a Shadow Fighter in the 4000s, My Lancers and Rooks have all been 3000s or less.

  2. Rook Bartley: 02168

    Shadow, Sue Graham: 02985

    Both are the original Toynami release runs – purchased at a Morgantown, WV comic shop that got them from Diamond. The shop also received them over the course of their original release periods, rather than in one single assortment.

    Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing a release of withheld stocks. Production quality would be more easily assessed. The demand might not be as high as Toynami may have hoped, though.

    Is it possible quanities of higher production numbers went elsewhere in the world – like via the secondary market to Japan, or Europe?

  3. I know a few of the people who occasionally post comments here hail from Singapore, South America, Ireland, and England so I’m hoping if the higher numbered figures were released outside the states we’ll still have a chance of finding them. Any MPCs in Japan were brought there (imported) from somewhere outside of Japan as that’s Aoshima (by way of Tatsunoko) territory. If I’m not mistaken, my MPC Scott that was in the 5000s was purchased at a local Gamestop (half price no less!).

  4. I are very right micronian, I have checked mine too and none of them is more than 5000s. All of a sudden I come to realised that!

  5. I doubt Toynami made 15,000 of these. I owned a Mirya VF-1J (below 5,000) and Masterpiece Voltron (04,376). I hope Toynami re-tool these and re-release them, as I used to own an Aoshima re-issue and it was very poorly made, one of the worst high price toy/ collectables I have owned (should have listened to the reviews and commenrs here) even worse than the Toynami VF-1J I used to own.

  6. This is from online store.. not sure if this might contribute to the number mystery, but it might add a little to the amount actually produced. I’ve ordered a Lancer Alpha from them and will update with the production number on mine :)

    3000 special units of this volume will only be available on with a limited cel of Lancer (aka. Yellow Dancer) … at no additional charge! When you collect the cels of all 4 pilots and the background, you’ll be able to enjoy the complete “New Generation Pilots” illustration!

  7. I work in the toy/collectibles industry. I’ve never worked at Toynami but this kind of thing happens all the time with statues. The company will set the edition size but their production run will be much lower. This is to protect themselves from overproducing but leaevs room in case the item is a hit.

  8. Vol 1 – 5496
    Vol 2 – 2652 (Leg broke, had to buy another one)
    Vol 2 – 3646
    Vol 3 – 876
    Vol 4 – 3519

  9. I just ordered a Sue Graham Shadow Alpha from at the end of this past December (2008), so, at this point, it’s been out for what, a year? 2 years?
    It is number 03737.

  10. My Masterpiece Alpha #’s
    Blue: 4225
    Red: 1925
    Green: 1556
    Shadow: 1640

    I believe your conspiracy theory is correct mate!!

  11. Thank you everyone for your responses! It looks like we can put this “conspiracy” as I called it to rest. My theory was reportedly confirmed when George Sohn spoke with MWer Roger (who some of you may know from other Robotech-related circles) and told him that there were more Alphas that could be made but that there were currently no plans to produce more of them. Toynami is supposedly watching demand to dictate whether or not they should put more into production. This means, if you want to buy a blue MPC Alpha you should email Toynami and ask them to make more. It will probably be a long wait though so it’s up to you in the meantime if you want to pay those huge secondary market prices for them. Thanks again everyone who participated.

  12. Scott: 03262
    Rook: 03181
    Lancer: 03019
    Sue: 03142
    Rand: 02419

    I love the design of the ALpha’s, but there is nothing like questionable quality control (Toynami!!!!)

  13. Sue Graham Shadow: 03260
    Lancer: 00143
    Lancer: 02796

    That’s why I was forced to wait for the green Beta. I’m on a very limited income and no longer have the luxury of buying such things, so I will barely be able to get just one Beta.

    It is a known fact of the Universe that the blue Alpha has the highest demand. It’s just the way it is. Toynami are fools to not accomodate us.


  14. Hey guys,

    Here are my numbers:

    Scott: 03574
    Rook: 00792
    Lancer: 00359
    Sue: 02867

    I did see that still had some Alphas on their sight are a reduced price. Could be that they did not sell them all? I would have thought that at least Scott would have some higher numbers.

    At this rate I’m glad the other Alphas even came out.

  15. Hi,

    does anyone know why there isn’t a hoovertank yet. Or am I the only one that would like one?
    Quite difficult to collect Robotech in Holland. Since hardly anyone collects them. Or having to pay way too much for them through ebay(incl. s&h that is).
    Oh, back to business,
    Green: 04649

    Have fun collecting everyone

  16. Here comes my numbers,

    Vol 2 Ben Dixon Nº- 2158
    Vol 3 Roy Fokker Nº- 13576
    Vol 4 Max Sterling Nº- 2775
    Vol 5 Miriya Nº- 5904
    Vol 6 Jack Archer Nº- 243
    Vol 1 Scot Bernard Nº- 130
    Vol 2 Rook Bartley Nº- 2306
    Vol 3 Lancer Nº- 2646
    Vol 4 Sue Graham Nº- 3149

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