Accessories for Yamato 1/48 VF-1 Toys: Clear Super Part Covers

 Yamato 148 Clear 8

Observations & Critique: Is it worth your effort?

Yamato 148 Clear 6

Since this isn’t a toy I’ll spare it from the rigors of a full review.  What it is is a mail-in/mail-order special release by a Japanese hobby magazine (Dengeki) that partnered with Yamato.  These shipped in a plain white box with blue text.  The outer white box works as a sheath for an inner white tray that slides out to reveal the inner armor parts sealed in plastic bags. You got:
2x top of backpack booster pieces
2x leg covers
2x missile boom covers

Yamato 148 Clear 7

Dengeki announced preorders in January 2003 for 1,500 Yen and Yamato made the parts to order and shipped them in March 2004. Something very similar was done years later for Yamato’s V2 1/60 as well. Obviously the two are not compatible. At the time a lot of people shrugged these off, after all, you can get a very similar effect by simply removing the original armor piece and leaving the exposed detail naked. “Wait, I paid $X for this?” was a very common lament when they were first released. That said, these were only offered for a limited time and the 1/48 line (and Yamato) is dead to the world so they will only get harder to come by as time passes.

The “clear” parts match the texture of the original parts they’re replacing which means they’ll appear a bit opaque from the ever-so-slightly grainy surface.  A thin network of structural support also in clear-ish plastic is a nice feature that does spruce up the look of the parts.

Yamato 148 Clear 3 Yamato 148 Clear 2

The true silliness here is that, if you wanted to show off the inner-workings of the 1/48 armor, you could achieve this far better by simply removing the stock covers.  The “clear” covers aren’t so clear that they offer close to the visibility of the naked fastpacks.  So, essentially, these parts are a total gimmick that are only cool because of the visual presence of something that looks a bit different from the typical 1/48s.

Yamato 148 Clear 4Yamato 148 Clear 1Yamato 148 Clear 5

Original Post Date: July 3rd, 2006
Updated January 24, 2008: This Critique has been updated – Existing pictures were cleaned up and new pictures were added.
Updated October 2, 2016: Pictures were standardized in HD, HD Video Review added

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