San Diego Comic Con 2017

Greetings from San Diego

This post will get updated with additional pics over the next few days. Unfortunately time is tight and it’s already late before another action-packed day. Here’s the stuff of interest I saw while here:

Toynami has the strongest presence at Comic-Con when it comes to Robotech merchandise. Side note, I don’t collect Acid Rain stuff but the toys look super interesting.

In the Robotech front, the most exciting news is definitely the prototype 1/60 Alpha on display. It’s definitely a little smaller than the masterpiece collection toys. You can see that they are planning for all the same variants we saw in the masterpiece line. Landing gears will be plug-in items and the hands on the toy on display are clearly non-transformable fixed posed hands. I would assume that the toy will also come with tiny fists that can remain on the toy for transformation to appease perfect transformation purists. There are also three different sets of chest intakes on display: standard, shadow, and closed shadow? I’m not really sure what the meaning behind the closed intakes are so leave a comment if you have some insight. There’s a standard gun being held by the toy and a shadow fighter style destabilizer gun. I wasn’t stoked to see this is the Imaii style of Legioss that has the additional missile bay that attaches to the shoulder and under-intake missiles. I like my Legioss/Alpha toys like they looked in the show. On the plus side, there’s obviously opening shoulder missiles. For missile spam fans, it looks like the leg and forearm missile compartments won’t be featured on this toy. Standing and sitting pilot figures look like they will also be included… unless Toynami makes them a ‘sold separately’ item.

That brings us to the next piece of news: Toynami is considering standing VF-1 pilots and cockpits with seated pilots for their 1/100 line of VF-1 toys. If I was a betting man, I’d say this can’t possibly make it to production as a sold separately accessory as was being teased. I also have my doubts that you would ever be able to get the standing figure to actually stand. My bet, look for future 1/100 VF-1 toys with cockpits that include pilots and the standing figures will turn into vaporware. Of course, I’ve been wrong before… especially when trying to pronounce Japanese words and names.

Speaking of 1/100 VF-1 toys, Toynami did tease the further expansion of that line with a Ben Dixon type. You know what would make a great Comic-Con exclusive paint scheme? A Ben Dixon VF-1. I hope Toynami considers doing that instead of their battle damaged exclusives. If you attended WonderCon you could have picked up Rick’s VF-1 from the Battlecry episode. That exclusive was also present at SDCC as well as the new Farewell Big Brother VF-1S Focker. No bloody cockpit. I bought the exclusives so there will be reviews at some point.

Toynami was also showing off a test-shot of the Evolution Toys Legioss toy. It’s big but it doesn’t look like a lot of love was put into displaying it very well. There are pegs that aren’t engaged leading to a sloppier look than need be. From the underside you can see some hinges and ridiculously huge hard point for the gun. From the side you can see the feet are really long, the angles are skewed and the head doesn’t tuck properly (again, hopefully a sloppy set up). Since this toy wasn’t discussed in the Robotech panel, it’s likely that a deal was struck with Toynami for distribution in the states but the toy will not be repackaged for distribution as a Robotech licensed product. Rumor has it, this toy has been delayed from a July release to a September one.

Moving on to Robotech panel, lots of other merchandise was discussed. Unfortunately, you’re going to have to look elsewhere for the photos of this stuff because mine aren’t the greatest quality.

First up, Prime1 is making a non-transformable Super VF-1J Rick Hunter custom statue. It doesn’t make a ton of sense since the super parts were introduced after Rick inherited the VF-1S. The statue looks pretty thoroughly stylized so it may not appeal to all.  For those not into the stylized battroid mode, a fighter mode statue was teased as also being in development.

KitzConcept is still working on a great number of Robotech projects. Gone was any mention of a 1/55 MacII Monster but now there was talk of a 1/72 VF-1 toy. There was also discussion about the 1/2000 SDF-1 and further acknowledgement that the prototype was early and changes would be made. The next KitzConcept toy in the pipeline for release is a dancing chibi Minmay figure with Bluetooth speaker due out later this year. Also expect more Super Deformed VF-1 toys. Silhouettes of Cyclone toys (using the obviously profile of the MegaHouse toys) were also teased.

Speaking of Cyclone toys, I did not see any indication of Sentinel or their Mospeada prototype. I inquired and was told that summer WonderFest is next weekend in Tokyo and to expect Sentinel to be well represented there.

KidsLogic is the company that has been working on a 1/6 Rick Hunter figure. They expanded their line to include a Max figure and the matching 1/6 VF-1 cockpit with 30 dimmable LED lights. What was far more exciting to me was the reveal of a 90cm tall SDF-1 statue in attack mode. The details were clearly top notch so I look forward to learning more about that behemoth. Also teased recently was a 1/4 scale Cyclone statue (also with LEDs) that should be up for order soon.

Calibre Wings is new to the Robotech license. They’re selling a 1/72 high detail F-14 in custom Fokker and Rick colors similar to what they released at Japan’s Winter WonderFest. There are some differences though. It sounds like the Robotech items will come in different boxes with different accessories (including a stand) and will have a different hue (it sounded like the Robotech releases would be more gray than the Japan exclusives). No price was available but the sense was that it would be more than $100 per plane but less than $200.

Other merchandise included a couple board games, new comic books, and new apparel. Pictured above are a line of “Muscle” men and larger “Reaction” toys from Super7.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ll try to get a few more photos up as time allows. Anything else at Comic-con you want pictures of? Leave me a comment and I’ll see if I can help you out!

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  1. Yes,Sentinel is, I refer to them as not being at SDCC but they showed a color prototype at WonderFest on Japan.

  2. I saw it a few ppl on mwf have posted images sigma and also riobot I believe each have a prototype. They look amazing.

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