Upcoming Toy Release Schedule

Find out what’s coming out, when, and for how much

Due to the COVID19 issues, I had not updated this list in quite a while. We have already seen numerous delays and I would expect more as the world continues to grapple with various shutdowns.

It seems it would be helpful for everyone to have a schedule of upcoming releases so I’m going to try to compile one here. I’ll bump the thread to the top every time it’s updated. I’m not sponsored by anyone so I’m not going to tell you where to buy these toys but hopefully I’ll give you enough information so you can throw the description into Google and pick the store you like the most:

I know I have a few Transformers articles, and I do love me some Transformers, but there are way too many releases for me to keep up with so hopefully you know another location you can hit up for that release schedule. If you spot any issues with the release schedule, please leave me a comment. Prices are generally in Yen, the symbol next to the exclusives is the “after tax price” in Yen since those items have to be sold to a domestic address. I can’t update this post every day some new information is available but I’ll try to update it weekly or bi-weekly.

I’ve added color coding. Red text indicates an item that has missed its initial release date. If an item becomes vaporware it will be removed from the list. Green text means the item has been released. I figure I’ll leave the green items on there until I get my review up or it’s no longer relevant. Blue items have reached at least color prototype stage but do not have firm details about release and pricing. If I ever have more free time, the Patlabor and Votoms items will make it up on this site one day also.

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  1. Have you experience with older releases of Arcadia’s VF1S releases? I haven’t had any arcadias due to what I read about their lack of playability/reliability.

  2. Yes, go here: http://anymoon.com/blog/?p=4599
    You can scroll to the videos and watch the individual Arcadia reviews to get Arcadia specific information. I don’t know of any consistent durability issues with Arcadia releases. Some of the early releases under Yamato had shoulder issues but those were resolved before Arcadia bought the mold.

  3. I fully paid my figure today(DX Chogokin Siegfried Messer), the waiting for arrival begins. I hope soon we see a review from you, your videos are great.

  4. Thanks JP, I was lagging a bit already.
    Hikaru, I just got my Messer in hand and will be doing a thorough review but it may take a while to get it up. I was already in the middle of a couple other reviews when it showed up.
    Tito, all things on the list will be reviewed… some much quicker than others. I imagine those particular items will make it up pretty quickly after release.

  5. Another fantastically useful post. You can pretty much be single-handedly blamed for my macross collection and this will only help feed my addiction, muahahah (maniacal laugh). I have so far managed to resist the macross delta but only because of my MP transformers but thanks to the info in this post I have already pre-ordered Miria’s vf-1. Keep up the great work and thanks for the input on the photos I sent you sometime ago.

  6. This is a GREAT thing! Helps me immensely keeping up with dates and prices! Thanks!

  7. Where did you get a November date for the Threezero Scopedog? Their site states an updated shipping date of July.

  8. Unfortunately, I didn’t leave myself a note where that shipping date was from. If it ships earlier I will certainly update it… I do have the web exclusive version so its arrival will be a pretty good reminder.

  9. Any idea if arcadia plans to re-release a complete line of 1/60 super dimensional fortress figures? I would love to get a super ostrich. Also, what do you think is the market price for a Bandai vf-19 advance these days? Thanks!!

  10. I don’t think we’ll hear any more from Arcadia until Winter Wonderfest (Feb 2018). They’ve just announced a lot stuff between the Max, Miria, SDF-1, and Garland. I would love to see a Super Ostrich reissue also… maybe later next year. Unfortunately, I haven’t been shopping for the DX VF-19Adv so I don’t know the going rate.

  11. Gosh sarn it all. Was going to avoid the sentinal ride armor as i have the beagle ride armor that i was sure would be the best looking example wec likely ever get. Then you posted that pic om this page and I ended up going to hlj seeing how purdy it would be and mow have it preordered. Your site is a blessing and a curse…. on my wallet. Keep up the good work.

  12. I have all Garland toys preordered and hope to be able to do my usual full-depth dive when they come out. All are brand new molds. If all goes as planned, I’ll also do a full rehash of the Yamato Garland review with lots of new pictures, HD video, and transformation guide(s) before the new Arcadia comes out.

  13. Super useful list. That Kairos is so tempting… and I’m not a delta fan.

    FYI there is a typo for the Kairos release date. It says march 2017 (instead of 2018).

  14. Question? Have their been any rumblings or rumors about arcadia ever releasing vf-11. I have been trying to get one to round out my collection but the prices on any unopened or “new” yamato ones are scary. Just wondering if youd heard anything as i dont tend to go into the forums much. Thanks and keep up the good work. I still havent decided on a garland to preorder either. Do you think the arcadia will differ much fron the yamato releases.

  15. No, I wouldn’t expect a VF-11 from Arcadia. Best bet would be to hope the YF-21 follows their SV-51 being released in 2018 which would make a renewal VF-11 a possibility for like 2020 or 2021. The original VF-11 doesn’t hold up very well to brand new molds so a straight reissue feels unlikely.

  16. SV 51 you say. And what would you know about this release. Is a retool like the vf-0 or just a rerelease of the yamato mold under the arcadia name. Also i noticed that the you use others reviews for your masterpiece transformers stuff and wonder if you would interested in posting reviews on some more if i were to submit them to you. Id never have the free time to do a site of my own or a youtube channel but i can appreciate the satisfaction that would come from contributing to the fandom. Thanks again.

  17. Oh, wow, the SDF-1 1/3000 is getting re-released under Arcadia? Thought I’d never have a shot at nabbing one of those without selling a kidney.

    Think I’ll wait until your review just in the far-off case this new version is made from used chewing-gum and duct-tape, or something like that, but if it’s at least on-par with the Yamato version I’m definitely picking one up while they’re still retail priced.

  18. I haven’t handled mine yet, I probably will soon, but from what I understand on the web, it’s a straight reissue in a new box. The HMR Vf-¬≤SS review is taking me forever…

  19. Thanks for the early info. Appreciate it.

    Still, alas will probably have to wait for at least one more pay-check. I’ve been a fan of the SDF-1 and wanted a toy version since near as long as I can remember…

    But, well, that’s one pricey toy. Collection center-piece or no.

    Anyway, you mentioned you’ve got a new recording set-up, right? Good luck on those teething problems, and the review itself.

  20. I’ve got a minor request for when you review the Hi-Metal R Elintseeker: Could you pretty please show how the figure looks in the GBP armor if at all possible?

    Because mine arrived literally yesterday, I’m very impressed by it… but I also noticed that, yes, it still features that removable nose-cone.

    And, well, the idea of the completely unarmed ECM platform decked out in the suit of mecha armor that’s half missiles by weight just tickled my funny-bone, for some reason

    If it’s too much trouble I completely understand, just thought I’d mention it’s something I’d be curious to see.

  21. Catfish, sorry I missed your previous comment. Arcadia is working on a brand new SV-51 mold, due out later this year. Hopefully we’ll see it for the first time soon at Winter Wonderfest.
    I’ve tried to have other reviewers help out on the site a few times but it just never really works out :/. At this point, I think I’ve given up on that notion.

  22. Thanks for getting back to me. Sorry to see all the garland releases pushed back. Getting frustrated yet? Myself im looking forward to the sentinel ride armor releases. Im also excited to set up the three detolph shelves and lighting i picked up recently. Ill be using the shelf space to properly display my mp transformers and macross collection woohoo. Do you mind me asking who you normaly source your purchases through for purchasing new items, HLJ or another supplier? Anywhoo keep up the great work, I can tell its a labor of love but mist take up alot of time.

  23. Until some vendor throws me a bone, I take a very scattered approach to my purchases. I am literally using 5 different stores for the next 5 releases. For the stuff that sells out right away, I just grab it wherever I can.
    It definitely is a labor of love and it’s a catch 22, the higher I set the bar for the quality of my posts, the longer it takes to get a post up. For example, I’ve recently decided I should include scans of the paperwork with my reviews… that means each review will take a bit more time to accomplish. Fortunately, transformation videos can be done more quickly so I use those to fill in the weeks where reviews are taking too long.

  24. Pre-ordered the Arcadia premium vf-0s. Should look good with my Yamato Ivanov SV-51. I didn’t know Arcadia are doing an SV-51 as well. I might have to go for that if there are any worthwhile improvements. It is by far my favorite valkyrie. It looks imposing in all modes.

  25. like to point out u have a typo in the list where you copied the Vf-31C super parts as a description release over to the VF-31S reported release date

  26. Hey Micronian, I appreciate all of your info and reviews. Just saw that BANDAI will be releasing another HI-METAL R in August – the VT-1 Super Ostrich for about $85 USD. Assuming you know already but wanted to share just in case.


  27. Yep, thank you for the reminder though that it’s time for an update! I’ll make it happen as soon as the schedule clears up a bit.

  28. hi micronian, love the blog and YouTube vids. just started my Macros collection with the hi-metal r VF-1S and the content you put out has been invaluable.

  29. Wohoooo. Just got shipping notice for my sentinel stick ride armor. Been chomping at the bit ever sinve they pushed release date.

  30. Hi you should rewiev the 1/20 vf-1a/j/s its a snapfast kit but a bit expensive (relatively speaking) comes out late august. and yamatos new 1/60 complete yf-19

  31. Sorry Tom, I don’t have the bandwidth to do models, just way too time intensive and I don’t think I have the skills to do them justice. The next YF-19 toy is made by Bandai and I do have that preordered. I do have a review of Bandai’s DX VF-19Advance which should be very similar if you want something to get you primed in the meantime.

  32. It looks like the last 2 destroids have been permanently pushed off the release schedule. I am rather heartbroken for this, as I was very much looking forward to completing my collection. Do you know if there is a plan to release the last 2?

  33. Negative, the Tomahawk went from seeming to be the next release to not making appearances at any shows. The Phalanx has similarly disappeared from displays. Bandai has surprised me in the past so not all hope is lost but it has certainly diminished.

  34. Yes, a VF-1D has been announced and will be released in April 2019. List is updated! Also, updated several December 31 listings to now include the day in December the toy will actually hit shelves.

  35. I got banned from MW because people are too jelous of my collection, but look at all these other guys. You guys have invested tens of thousands of dollars into toys and I don’t see them banning you.

    Anyway these sites are a great resource for upcoming releases and where to buy. My co-workers and my father all laughed at MW and their users when I told them what happened.

    My father told me that people would be jelous of me one day and he was surely right. Ain’t my fault if people stupidly live paycheck to paycheck. I personally never have and look how many shitty jobs I have had.

    Anyways, I purchased 10 VF-1D and will flip them when they mature in value. You guys cannot stop me from doing that. And I can’t stop you from buying valkyries either. By the way, valkyrie toy dealers have literally thousands of toys. I do not have that many.

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