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Absolute Chogokin VF-1 5A

Observations & Critique: Metal statuettes

Absolute Chogokin VF-1 1

This isn’t a toy but it’s not a gashapon figure either, it’s a high quality miniature metal statuette. It comes packaged in a fairly basic but sturdy blister card that can either hang on a peg or stand on a shelf. The blister card dimensions are 17CM tall, 7.2CM wide, 3.3CM deep. There are no accessories (like a gun) in the package. The VF-1S also had an exterior cardboard sleeve.

Absolute Chogokin VF-1 2

The Absolute Chogokin line of statuettes covers various anime. Tamashii teased several more Macross goods in the pipeline but for now it’s just two toys:
VF-1J, October 2015, 1,200 Yen (1,296 after tax), Tamashii nations exclusive
VF-1S, December 2015, 1,833 Yen, Figure Oh issue 215 exclusive
The figure stands roughly 7.5CM tall which equates to about 1/170 scale. Potential later releases included a Regult, Glaug, and VF-1A (photos below are NOT mine).

Bandai Absolute Chogokin Glaug Bandai Absolute Chogokin Regult Bandai Absolute Chogokin VF-1A

The only downside to the statuette is the big screw in the back but it’s also impressive that the thing holds together well with only one screw. The angle of the legs is a little peculiar when seen from the side but from the front it does a decent job making the VF-1 look ready to tussle. Detail work is minimal but it’s perfect for something of this scale.

Absolute Chogokin VF-1 3Absolute Chogokin VF-1 4

The designers deserve some credit for making this whole thing come together virtually seam free. If anyone was hoping for any articulation or gimmicks, there are none. This is a miniature statuette and nothing more.

Yes, this statuette is made entirely of metal. As you would imagine, it has very good heft to it. Nothing seems likely to be damaged though you really should have a perfectly flat surface to put the toy on because it is a little top heavy.

Absolute Chogokin VF-1 6

I would love to be able to get lots more releases of these things and ultimately build a chess set or find some other game where they would be suitable pieces. Is this something you should track down? IF you’re looking for toys? No. If you can find a good reason to have a little VF-1 statuette handy (like watching over you at work) then sure.

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