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Just an FYI everyone, the site should be up and rolling with regular updates soon.  I was a little swamped.  In the first week of August I moved to a little house from my bachelor pad apartment, on August 14th I got married, and from August 19th through September 5th I was on my honeymoon in Spain.  As you can see, my nerdy hobby managed to slip into my wedding festivities.  The cake above was the dessert at the rehearsal dinner.  That cake was my brother and parents’ attempt to have a little fun trying to embarrass me.  The bride’s family found it curious I had a ponytail in the art but they left it at that.  At the wedding we used Toynami Morphers (lead in picture) to tell people what table they would be seated at (one toy per couple).  Everyone friggin’ loved having a little toy to play with at their table and no one found it the least bit odd so I’d definitely do that again.  That was it for Macross/Mospeada/Robotech at the wedding though, we didn’t play any music from the show or anything like that.  This post has been the closest thing you’ll find on this site to a LiveJournal post.  I should be getting back to the toy posts very soon.

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  1. Nah, I wouldn’t say I’m all that Alto-like. If you put a wig and make up on me I’d still make an ugly woman. For the non-anime inclined though they just figured the guy next to Emily must be me (and Em can be a dead ringer for Sheryl in that picture). You can find pics of her if you can find my Comic-con coverage from a couple years back.

    Thanks for all the congratulations guys. I started working on the site again recently and I have a huge box that should be heading my way from Japan at the end of the month.

  2. Congratulations! Well, no new releases these coupla months, so little or no additional backlog for you to review.

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