Scorched Earth Toys is… shrinking?



Site News: I’m going to try to make the site easier to navigate

Just a word of warning for my frequent visitors: I am soon going to embark on an effort to consolidate posts here.  I think users are finding it confusing that there are so many different posts on so many similar toys.  Do I really need a new post for each Toynami 1/100 wave of VF-1 toys and separate posts for the Comic-Con editions?  No.  Does nearly every CMs Ride Armor toy need its own post?  No.  So, as I go through and update older posts with comparisons to line art and discussion about toys released since my initial post I will also be combining similar topics.  Now, if you want to know everything about the Yamato V1 line of 1/60 toys you won’t have to click 5 different posts to figure everything out.  The result is going to be some genuinely massive posts so these new types of posts will be called “Super Reviews”. (if you’re not on broadband you’ll probably want to avoid them).  The only significant bummer I see in doing this is that I will actually be deleting a fair amount of posts and with them a fair amount of comments.  I’ll try to add new comments when I do this to summarize all the comments I have deleted.  You can expect to see the first Super Review in the coming month and more as time allows.

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  1. No, they didn’t seem any different from the Gamlin VF-22 toy. I may update that Gamlin post at some point but it’s not near the top of the list. If I ever come across a really cheap M&M I may add their toys to that post.

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