Bandai Robot Spirits Super VF-25F (Alto Custom)

VF-25F Bandai RS 6

Review: Tiny Hime Toy

VF-25F Bandai RS 1

Packaging & Extras: (3.5/5)
There’s nothing special about the packaging or the extras here.  Bandai kept everything small and tight but this is really a little action figure rather than a high-end collectible and its packaged accordingly.  Extras include all the super armor, a gun, and a few fixed-posed hands.  Display stand?  No… and one would do wonders for this toy.

VF-25F Bandai RS 2

Charm & Collectability: (2.5/5)
The Queadluun Rare from this line appears to be selling even better than this VF-25F toy (but that may just be a function of fewer Q-Rare toys being made).  It would appear that this VF-25F must be selling at least somewhat well as a VF-25S with full armor toy has already been announced and shown at toy fares.  Bandai does seem determined to go a little slower with their Robot Spirits line than they did with the VF100 line.  In the end this is a non-transforming toy without any metal so you’ll probably never have too hard a time tracking one down.

VF-25F Bandai RS 3

Sculpt, Detail, & Paint: (8/10)
This is Bandai’s best effort on the VF-25F yet.  They still didn’t nail the hip connecting area perfectly (as you can see in the comparison of the line art taken from the Macross Mecha Manual) but it’s the best they’ve done so far. Detail work is lacking in comparison to the VF-100 or DX toys but it’s far from terrible.

VF-25F Bandai RS 5

Design: (9/10)
For such a little toy I was genuinely impressed.  The armor fit on well and I had no issues with anything popping off.  The armor here was a genuine improvement over the DX armor (of course this toy only has one mode to deal with).  Unlike those frustrating VF100 toys, the Robot Spirits toys feature shoulder mounted missle bays that open without parts swapping.  Many of the other highlights will be touched upon more in the articulation section.

VF-25F Bandai RS 4B

Durability & Build: (7.5/10)
There’s nothing too impressive here.  The box art makes it look like the head guns move… but they don’t.  I tried to move them and I snapped one off.  What really hinders this toy more than anything else is just the fact it feels kind of cheap… not Toynami VF-1 1/100 cheap but definitely not Yamato GnU strong.

VF-25F Bandai RS 4C

Articulation: (9.5/10)
Like the Robot Spirits Q-Rare toy, you can have a ton of fun posing this toy.  It can balance on one foot (a testament to the ankle mobility), the boosters on the wings are articulated, and the elbows and knees both allow nearly full 180degree range of motion.  Putting the full armor on the toy doen’t harm the pose-ability.

VF-25F Bandai RS 7B


Total Score: (38/50)
As far as action toys go this thing is a lot of fun.  It has an easily affordable price and delivers in many of the ways the VF100 failed.

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