Joey, do you like movies about gladiators?

DX VF-27 9

Site News: More video reviews are coming

My DX 27 review will post tomorrow evening.  In the meantime, if you want to get a sneak preview, I’ve already uploaded the video review on Youtube.  You can check it out by following this link:

I will not be doing video reviews for every new toy that comes out but I’ll try to do them for the biggest releases.  My goal will be to keep them short but tell you what I think it’s most important you know.  My video reviews will not be instructional; I will not show you me transforming the toy.  Since all my videos will be related to my written reviews I may also gloss over features if I know I’m going to detail them with still pictures here on  My first review that I posted, for the Bandai DX Macross Quarter, will hopefully be the longest review I ever post.  Toy video reviews bore the snot out of me (when I watch them) so I’m hoping to avoid doing that to you as much as possible.  I’m still very much a beginner with video reviews though so all constructive criticism is welcome.  The shakiness in my DX Quarter review was just a factor of how huge that toy was and how short my reviewing table is, any toy smaller than the DX (which is hopefully about every toy) will be done with a fixed camera which ought to help avoid any nausea viewers may have felt after that shaky DX review.

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  1. Kinda funny going back and reading this now. I thought the video review would be something I would quickly put out as a supplement to the review… now I spend just as much time on those and it seems most people watch them and never come to the site. The future is here!

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