CMs Brave Gohkin 1/18 Riding Figure Set

CMS Riding Figure 6

Review: GI Joe!

CMS Riding Figure 1

Packaging & Extras: (2/5)
Wow… this sure does give of an aura of “lame.” It costs roughly $30-$40 to pick up these toys and all you get is a box with two GI-Joe style figures with even fewer accessories than a GI Joe would come with. You get the two figures and six sets of hands, two of which are holding Gallant style guns. The Gallant is a customizable weapon; CMs could have at least included various other types of Gallants. Beagle gave us HBT cannisters, CMs could have followed suit especially since one of the most infamous scenes featuring the handing over of HBT canisters involves the colonel included in this package. Heck, how about a Jeep… that’d have been cool.

CMS Riding Figure 3

Charm & Collectability: (3.5/5)
I’m going with an average here because this is such a quirky item. It doesn’t seem a lot of people were out to buy up the entire CMs line but maybe now that Beagle has abandoned ship more people will find themselves wanting to be CMs Mospeada completists. It’s a sure bet few of these figure sets were made (although since there’s no bike I doubt they’ll ever be too hot of an item). It really strikes me as strange that CMs didn’t just hold off on the colonel and release a limited edition run of him with a Ride Armor like they did for their two “greenie” releases. Since this isn’t an announced “limited edition” product there’s a chance more could be made but I find it EXTREMELY doubtful.

CMS Riding Figure 5

Sculpt, Detail, & Paint: (8/10)
CMs dedication to the proper look of these figures is really quite impressive considering their diminutive scale. I’ve included several pictures throughout this review to give you a good idea of just how good of a job CMs did. Sure, the line art is a bit more squat but otherwise these things look pretty darn good. The painted on details are a bit sparse with the colonel having a bit more detail (numbers on his shoulders). The greenie is differentiated from previous greenie releases only by having tampo-printed labels on his boots. Yes, there are a LOT of screws in these toys and no, CMs didn’t try to conceal them. It doesn’t bother me in the least but I’m sure it ticks plenty of people off.

GNU 21 Upgrade 8

Design: (8/10)
The CMs Ride Armor figures were overly ambitious for this scale but the riders themselves are very well made and very well thought out. CMs crammed a multitude of articulation points in very tight spots. The only real weaknesses are the giant ball ankles which aren’t covered very well by the boot flap and shoulder pads that don’t attach firmly enough to the figure (for extreme posing).

CMS Riding Figure 4

Durability & Build: (8/10)
Again, the ride armor toys were fiddily with plenty of things that could be broken or poorly constructed but the rider figures are really decent. I have heard of people that had issues breaking the joints but usually if you take some time to make sure the joint is positioned properly this won’t be a problem

GNU 21 Upgrade 7

Articulation: (9.5/10)
One good look at all the joints on these figures ought to let you know that they’re meant to do just about everything a person could do. Can they? Well, not quite, the hips and neck have some issues and there are a few other spots that might leave some crazy pose just out of reach. Do bring some patience with you when trying to pose these toys though, some of the joints are similar to Revoltech joints in that they need to be rotated a couple different ways to go in the direction you desire.

CMS Riding Figure 2

Total Score: (39/50)
Okay this score is totally unfair and I’d probably ignore it. Yes, these are good looking, well built, great to pose toys but who cares?   They are two figures of very minimal value to the overall Mospeada storyline… heck, one is anonymous. If you were going to buy a figure set wouldn’t you want it to be of a figure you actually cared about? Sure, Wolff has a legacy outside of the animation (in Robotech lore) but what weight does that carry? I think CMs missed the boat by not giving us a REAL toy here. Wolff with a Ride Armor would have been an easy toy to recommend but Wolff with Joe Schmoe? Hey, if you’re as big a diehard as I am, go ahead. If you’re not then you should chuckle that people are actually buying this and move on.

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  1. BTW, re-reading what I wrote above, I sound like an a-hole. That was my personal opinion about the actual product, not your review. (ie I checked out your review, and the first thing that came to my mind was “I’m sick of theese”… Feel free to delete. Sorry about this.

  2. No worries, my first thought was “Okay, guess I’ve been doing too much Mospeada lately” but I figured it was more likely a backlash against the CMs figures. I promise, no more CMs figures in my next 3 posts.

  3. Na, dude, you keep on doing what you do. Otherwise, it won’t be perfect. I meant to tell you that I like the line-art/action figure comparison. Very clever. You should do it with some valks, too. That is a very nice touch.

  4. I picked up this set for about 1,000 yen (roughly ten dollars) because these were just not selling at all. I still see them being priced at around 3,000 yen and I just cant justify paying that much for these figures.

    Having said that though I do really enjoy this set! The figures are great and the articulation is wonderful. For the price I picked them up they are great. I think they are great if you can find em discounted.

  5. MOSPEADA cannon fodder! They seem alright to own if you have all CM, and youre really into MOSPEADA. Im acutally (a collection late bloomer!) getting my first ride armor in the MH Dark Stick so I’ll pass on this. Thank you for your detailed insight.

  6. Got to LOVE these sets. When HLJ did it`s sale on these I got a few sets.
    Now the Gekken 1/20 bikes would be sweet for these figures.

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