Day 3&4 Update: Farewell my first Comic-con

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SDCC09 Coverage: It’s soooo hard to say goodbye…

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The third day of Comic-con was spent in Hall H beginning with the Lost panel (including the actors who play Ben, Hurley, Sawyer, Richard, and even Charlie).  The panel was similar to Lost in that it probably brought up nearly as many questions as it answered.  One lucky person won the note that Claire had tied to a bird’s leg.  After that there were panels on Soloman Kane, ZombieLand, Mike Judge’s Extract, Iron Man 2, and Kevin Smith.  Mike Judge really doesn’t seem like he enjoys doing the whole panel thing… he was pretty awkward.  Kevin Smith is hilarious.  You know who may not get enough credit for being hilarious though?  Joss Whedon.  I saw him on the Day 2 panel for Dollhouse and that man really knows how to be entertaining.

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Anyways, that’s enough of a digression, day 3 ends with the Masquerade.  I knew nothing of the Masquerade and assumed it was just a fashion show for colorfully dressed people.  It turns out that not only do these people dress up but they also perform skits.  I’m sure Comic-Con has a section of their website dedicated to it so if you want to see pictures from that event go there.  There were something like 42 contestants in the masquerade.  Having been up since very early (so I could get into the Lost panel) I started getting really tired around the 20th entry.  For those of you into a more social scene, you can actually booze it up at the Con if you go to the Masquerade party and just watch on one of the screens there.  If you ever do decide to attend, the tradition is for the audience to call out the number of the entry (the MC says “Now it’s time for entry…” and the crowd yells back the number).  The secondary tradition is to then laugh like the Count from Sesame Street after saying the number.

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On the final day of the Con I circled the floor and visited the stores.  There were some stores selling Robotech merchandise ranging from the Morphers to the MPC Betas and Cyclones (RIP).  I didn’t see many stores selling imported Macross goods save for SF’s own Cards&Comics (hope I got that name right) which had quite the Yamato spread (and not far from the Toynami booth).  There were some more cosplayers present and the crowd was much thicker than I expected (since most people were being kicked out of their hotels at noon).  This post features pictures from all the days of the Con. 

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9 Replies to “Day 3&4 Update: Farewell my first Comic-con”

  1. I can’t help but notice your girlfriend’s t-shirt selection.

    Is there an anymoon t-shirt store floating around somewhere?

  2. No, the GF wanted to cosplay as Sheryl Nome for Comic-con but I figured it would be better for her to spend the money the costume would have cost on future globe-trotting expeditions (and she hasn’t even seen Macross Frontier). As a compromise I made her three shirts based on her input. I also had three shirts made for myself, the photos used will appear on future News posts (like the post a week ago stating I was heading to Comic-con). I’m sure it’d be illegal for me to try to sell shirts featuring Yamato/Toynami/CMs toys (which were prominently displayed on the backs of all the shirts). So, I’m afraid if anyone wants their own Scorched Earth Toys, I heart Micronian, Micronian’s Girlfriend, or Mecha+Knife=Dumb shirt you’re out of luck :(

  3. I think I speak for us all when I say that I’m disappointed I won’t be able to see hundreds of guys in “Micronian’s Girlfriend” t-shirts at the next con I attend. ;)

  4. I’m just encouraged that an adult who collects anime toys can get a girlfriend like that… Impressive…

  5. “I’m just encouraged that an adult who collects anime toys can get a girlfriend like that… Impressive…”

    Exactly what I was thinking. Couldn’t word it. lol

    Good job.

  6. Hey, speak for yourself- my wife is HOT!

    Granted, she also refers to my mech toys as “dolls”.

  7. Well, I’m one up on you there. At least my wife calls them “models”, since the only toys I collect *look* like models… (Yamato valks and the Tamashii Spec Evas)… ;-p

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