Day 2 Update: General Observations

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SDCC09 Coverage: Random Musings from Ballroom 20

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This post contains a few extra shots I didn’t include in my first night post about Toynami but that’s really the only Macross/Robotech-related content you’ll find here today.  I spent my day couped up in a ballroom so I didn’t have much of a chance to take too many interesting pictures.  I try to keep this from being a personal blog so I won’t bore you with details about the panels I attended (Ballroom 20 all day from BSG/Caprica to Joss Whedon).  The panel system at Comic-con is a bit ridiculous.  The best method of ensuring you get to see the panel you want to see is easily the least desirable method.  If you want to see a really popular mid-day panel the trick is to go and line up for the panel (or two) before it and attend that panel (those panels).  They don’t empty the auditorium so this is the best way to guarantee yourself a seat.  So, while I am not a 24 fan in the least, I pleasantly sat through that panel waiting to see the ones following it rather than leaving the auditorium.  Of course, it takes an hour to get into one of these panels so it will never make sense to leave for just one or two in between the ones you like.  This is all true of the really popular panels in the large auditoriums, getting into the smaller rooms tends to be a lot easier.

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I’m hoping my next post will largely be dedicated to cosplayers but I’m afraid I might be stuck in the auditoriums again (Lost/Iron Man 2/Kevin Smith).  I’ll see what I can do as there have definitely been some very interesting individuals dressing up and I only have a fraction of them on camera.  Another tip I’d give con attendees?  Don’t book your hotel room too far in advance as many of the hotels reserve blocks for Comic-con weekend they don’t make available until the couple months before the con.  Also, if you can, pay the extra money and get as close to the con as possible.  I’m at a shuttle friendly hotel but it seems like I’ve been wasting a lot of time going to and coming from the event.  Finally, if you’re going to be one of the people who stands up to ask a question, try asking that question to other people beforehand.  I heard some questions today that made me really embarrassed for the people asking them.  There are soooo many awkward people here.

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  1. Hello again, Micronian!

    Do you have any idea as to when the Battlepod pictured above will be available in the States? Will it be on you think? Any other toys that a lurker such as myself might be interested in?

  2. No word on release. Since it’s a Toynami product I’d say it will come out six months after whatever day they eventually tell you it will come out on. Knowing their most recent releases… I’d expect it to come out this time next year. Whenever it comes out I’m sure you’ll see it on but as far as purchasing it goes I’d highly recommend you shop elsewhere. Generally speaking you can find Toynami releases before has them in stock at many other stores and usually those other stores offer cheaper (or even free!) shipping. As to other toys that really decides on what your poison is but from a Robotech perspective there was sadly very little to be excited about.

  3. Thanks for the reply, Micronian.

    If it’s okay with you, would you mind sharing some links to online sellers that I could peruse as an alternative to I have bought from BBTS instead of on almost everything, due to the prices and customer service. Thanks!

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