Day 1 Update: The Robotech Panel

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SDCC09 Coverage: Holy Crap… Tommy Yune stole my photo!

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I’ll spatter this post with random pictures from the convention but none of them will really be Robotech related.  Today’s only Robotech news was the Robotech panel hosted by Tommy Yune (featuring Steve Yun with special guest Carl Macek).  The panel begun with some humor about how this was supposed to be the year that the Earth was invaded and how distant this year seemed back in ’85.  Clips of other movies set in the “distant” future were shown and juxtaposed with some newer stuff… including a picture from my review of the Maia MPC (strangely lacking my “watermark” but Tommy was cool and said he’d add it back after the panel).

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From there Tommy introduced Carl Macek who answered a few fan questions about his background and his interest in science and science fiction.  Tommy then moved on to a PowerPoint style presentation of all the current and near-future releases of Robotech merchandise.  To summarize, Robotech Shadow Chronicles is going international with some new 3D art, Palladium is pumping out more books, and Toynami is putting out a Battlepod toy.  So what’s in store for Robotech’s future?  There was a quick run down of all the writers who have been involved so far and word that a merchandising agreement had been reached with WB to handle the merchandise that would coincide with a movie release.  In one of the more awkward moments, Tommy asked the crowd “Hey, how many of you would like an MPC Beta with a Synchro cannon?”  There wasn’t a single enthusiastic person in the crowd.  “What about Shadow Rising?” a fan asked.  Tommy gave a pretty frank answer to that by throwing up a “Westside” finger salute and saying “It’s all about the benjamins bitch!”

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Okay, that last part didn’t happen.  Tommy phrased things a bit better by saying he can get a lot better deal for Shadow Rising if WB can blow the Robotech name up a bit.  The signals got a little mixed there as he said he knew the fans wanted fresh content but that any action on WB’s part might be so far away “who knows what the fighter plane of that day will be to serve as the basis of the veritech’s replacement.”  Read: don’t hold your breath on Shadow Rising.  The Q&A then included some fun stuff from Carl Macek on Robotech: The Movie (AKA The Untold Story).  In short, it was supposed to be Do You Remember Love? but with Macross’ popularity the rights were too expensive.  Since Megazone 23 was a similar looking anime it was grabbed as a suitable replacement but the bigwigs at Cannon insisted on twisting it until it really wasn’t what it was ever intended to be.  When asked if it’d ever see light again as a DVD the answer was a pretty resounding “no” but Macek thought it’d make good stuff for a novelization where it wouldn’t just look like a bad mash-up of Megazone.

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  1. Robotechx had a nice set up there. I stopped by a second time with the gf so she could get Carl’s signature. When I told her later that Tommy Yune was the guy standing behind Carl she almost made me march right back so she could get his autograph too… but we had to get into a panel. Sorry I couldn’t swing by later and share a drink with you guys at Dick’s. Comic-con is definitely more hectic than I expected.

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