Preview Night: No News is Bad News (MPC Cyclones are DEAD)


SDCC09 Coverage: First night at Comic-con is complete

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Let’s start with the depressing news.  Word slipped out of Japan about a week or so ago that Beagle’s project manager related to the Ride Armor had left the company.  This is pretty frequent when a product line fails and began speculation that the line would be finished.  There are still some thin threads of hope that that phenomenal Fuke ride armor will be completed but subsequent word is that sales of the line are just too small to keep it going.  Toynami was not showing the Fuke prototype which I would have expected if they were still intending to release that toy (MPC Cyclone display above).  I spoke with a Toynami booth person today, and to be fair people at the booths generally have very little information, but the word was “If Beagle is done with the line then so are we.”  Not much hope for Toynami saving the line.  Now before you jump for your torches and pitchforks and attempt to villify Toynami, it’s good to remember that this project would probably have never lived past R&D without Toynami’s offer to buy a significant number.  In the end, with the economy being what it was, that significant number Toynami purchased wasn’t significant enough and neither were the sales in Japan.  If you’re determined to hold out hope for something more then it should be made perfectly clear that everything I’ve gathered comes far short of an official press announcement.  That said, lines getting shut down don’t normally get formal declarations of death so if you were holding out for a Fuke or Yellow MPC Cyclone… well, you might be no better off than the guys waiting for Southern Cross and Macross II merchandise.

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In other dark news, it looks like Toynami’s attempted inroads with Bandai in regards to a Macross agreement have fallen far enough to the wayside that neither company is showing anything this year at the convention.  The fact Toynami has pulled their prototypes is a very bad omen to add to the fact that the chunky re-releases are now ridiculously overdue.

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Toynami was showing off the Aoshima repaint of their first two MPC Beta toys (I have no idea why) at the convention.  Also present were the Shadow Beta and the packaged Lunk Beta which should mean its release is right around the corner.  There was nothing really special that I could gather from these displays.

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The big news of the show is the continuing development of Toynami’s Regult.  It appears to be in 1/100 scale but it seems it won’t be released in the 1/100 line but rather as part of the Robot Vinyl line.

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  1. Depressing. I hope that some other coverage of SDCC can discuss with higher-ups at Toynami and confirm something regarding the future of the Masterpiece Cyclones.

  2. What a drag. I was really looking forward to the Fuke type ride armor. At least we were able to get 2 out of 4, and they really are top quality pieces. Together with the recent Tread releases (particularly Toynami’s) it really has been a good time for Mospeada fans, I guess it’s just too bad there are not more of us. Who knows what the future may bring. As stated above, Thanks for all your quality reviews and coverage.

  3. You’ve truly been the barer of bad news today, but bare it you must I guess.

    S I G H

    Maybe the Toynami vinyl line will eventually include a 1/55 invid command ship, or 1/55 invid troopers or scouts – ?

    And maybe when the economy picks up again someone will grab the Fuke prototype and get the ride-armors going again.

    If Beagle would have only come out with HER SECOND instead of Rey we might not be talking about the demise of the MPCs. She would have sold very well IMO . . .

    D O U B L E S I G H

  4. Oh Fuke…what a bummer. The plastic Gakken version left so much to be desired when I was a kid, I could almost feel it sucking the imagination outta me as I tried to enjoy it. I really do think they went about the releases all wrong and left their potential profits as well as all the fans in the dust on this one. Time to go through your reviews and figure out which Fuke and Yellow figures to buy. : (

  5. Hi. Isn’t there another toy/model show about to happen in Japan soon? I think wondercon or something? Perhaps there is still hope? I was really looking forward to getting the Fuke/Rook as everyone else. I can’t believe Beagle would do that amazing prototype and then discard it. Didn’t Yamato help distrubute this toy in Japan? Someone needs to at least finish her. By the way, great site. I’m a big Macross/Robotech fan.

  6. Anyone going threw my reviews for both Fuke and Yellow will quickly find the little fiddly 1/18 CMs are the only option. The Mega House line seems to have died a long time ago before Fuke ever made it out.

    The Summer Wonderfestival is right around the corner in Japan (although the exact date escapes me right now). Beagle ought to be present there but we’ll have to wait and see. I find it very unlikely anyone will pick up the slack on this Beagle line any time soon. If there’s ever another Mospeada arrival some years down the line…

  7. damnation.
    I had a feeling we were going to miss out on fuke/Rook when they released Rand second.

    Help us, Yamato! You’re our only hope…

  8. now i know why people jumped out of windows during the depression.

    as sad as it sounds ..the deluxe 1/10 rook bartley /fuke was a major reason i got out of bed everyday.

    ….i feel like someone kicked me in the b@lls!

    i am personally going to end toynami’s toy selling career if they don’t reconsider..the knives are COMING OUT on this one.

    !!! W A R !!!

  9. I never thought nor was interested on buying the MPC Cyclone, but I saw Scott Bernards for 179 at the 2009 Comic Con at the same time the VP of Collection DX was passing by, noting that the Beagle and Toynami are the same with just a difference in head sculpt. So I folded and bought one just to see how this 1/10 cyclone look like compared to the Gakken 1/8 version I have at home.

    Too bad they’re cancelling the product line. Toynami should do a 1/6 trial figure, limited version. But instead of selling the entire package, do it in stages so that the buyer does not get overwhelmed. Figure first, bike second, and accessories third. But the only catch is that Toynami will need to make the parts as detailed as possible. Fans will buy it. I’ve thought about doing a paper/backing board prototype on one of my RAH figures…but we’ll see.

  10. I too heard the same thing about the cancellation of the MPC Cyclone line. In addition to that I also heard that they are not going to release those cool Voltron bases and lion swords due to costs. The down turn in the economy is affecting everyone :(


    Never before have I been so disappointed that I was denied the opportunity to pay around $200 for a toy. (Or, really, a series of toys, since Yellow was the ultimate goal for me.)

  12. I leave the community for a month or so and this is what happens? I somehow knew the Beagle line would die out before the Blowsperior. That always seems to be the case with Mospeada products.

    REALLY disappointed hearing about the Beagle line. I agree that if they had come out with Fuke second this wouldn’t have happened. Oh well, woulda shoulda coulda. Guess I’ll just have to enjoy my Beagle just that much more :(

    PS: micronian, is Macrossworld dead? The site doesn’t load for me anymore :(

  13. MW appears inaccessible at the moment. They’ve been having pretty frequent problems over the last few weeks and I don’t think anyone has been able to track down the cause.

  14. Rodger that. Hopefully they don’t go down for good. That would suck.

    Back to your regularly scheduled mourning for the Beagle Mospeada line.


  16. People.
    Someone has to date news about the discontinuity of the Rook Cyclone?
    Beagle will continue production or not?
    The last thing I read here dated 07.23.09, saying it’s official death of the MPC line.

    Is that true?

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