Micronian is heading to San Diego Comic-con! (and pix from the Tokyo Toy Show)

SET 3.jpg 

NEWS: Toy reviewer transforms into intrepid reporter?  Also, fresh pics from Japan!

That’s right folks, I’m heading to San Diego for sun, fun, and the world’s largest collection of like-minded introverts!  I’m not press, not by any means, but I’m going to be keeping a live journal of types here on anymoon.com.  Priority will obviously be given to anything Robotech related but nothing will be off limits.  Check in frequently July 22nd through 26th, there is a rumor or two that I’m hoping to confirm/refute.  If there’s anything you know will be there that you want me to report about go ahead and leave me a comment below. 

Monster 1.jpg 

While you wait, here are some pics taken by Overdrive at the recent Tokyo Toy Show.  Above is VB-6 Koenig Monster from Macross Frontier which was probably the biggest surprise announcement.  Below is the upcoming Alto+Super Parts bundle set, featuring repainted versions of both (movie versions?).  The eagerly anticipated Macross Quarter DX is the last picture.

Alto DX Repaint.jpgMacross Quarter DX.jpg

Also at the show was the VF-19Kai toy from Bandai’s VF100 line and it’s looking really good so far!  Lots of new Macross Frontier merchandise is in the pipeline from Bandai.

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