Overdrive-Inc brings you another SCOOP!

Beagle Fuke Proto 1W.jpg 

News: It’s a fine year to be a fan of chicks who bring the pain

Beagle Fuke Proto 2W.jpgBeagle Fuke Proto 3W.jpg 

Hot from the Tokyo Toy Fare, Overdrive-Inc was there and they were nice enough to share these hot pics with me.  Overdrive has been a great company to deal with and I continue to highly recommend them to anyone who visits here (which hopefully says a lot for a website not marred with big banners).

Beagle Fuke Proto 4W.jpgBeagle Fuke Proto 5W.jpg

Beagle Fuke Proto 6W.jpgBeagle Fuke Proto 8W.jpg

Beagle Fuke Proto 7W.jpgBeagle Fuke Proto 9W.jpgBeagle Fuke Proto 10W.jpg

Looks like it comes with the same accessories as Stick did and I think the pics pretty much speak for themselves.  Thanks again to Overdrive for the event update!

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  1. YES!!!!

    I really hope the red is more prominent than the pictures imply. Especially whenever this finally releases as the Robotech version.

    It’s all about Rook.

  2. Holy Mospeada! That’s nothing short of amazing…thank god for credit cards. In case you didn’t know, this site rules!

  3. between fuke and shinobu versions…i will lose$800+(2 units of each)from my wallet.

    so,why am i still smiling so much it hurts?!

    i love you beagle..i really do!

  4. Please keep the red muted Beagle. If I’m not mistaken this were for military use, not parades . . .

  5. On the color: It’s supposed to be the same color (I think) as Fuke’s Legioss in the show so I wouldn’t mind if it’s not exactly a military dark red but I certainly hope the final color isn’t as bright as the CMs toys.

  6. I couldn’t be more pleased with the amount of love Mospeada is getting lately from toy companies.

  7. A spam comment on this post reminded me that I should put an update here. If you didn’t read it in my other posts… this toy has been cancelled long ago.
    EDIT – if that comment wasn’t spam I apologize… I didn’t really understand what the point was. If it was someone just trying to express frustration that this toy never made it out, just chalk it up to the global economic collapse… as was explained in a more recent post (check my Comic-con coverage).

  8. can i know when it release for malysia or singapore ? bcoz i wish to pre-order. can anyone help me plz ?

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