A Long Overdue Toy Schedule Update!

VF-1S Unpainted

News(updated):  A very Macross Year!


Sorry, this update is long overdue but since I wasn’t able to finish my Yamato VT-1 review tonight (it will be up later this week) I figured an update on this schedule was in order.   As with the last update, I’m providing links to my reviews as I get them up.  In many cases the toys being released are just repaints that I don’t feel warrant the time, energy, or money of a full post here so instead I’ve offered a redirect to the posts I’ve done that I think largely cover that toy.  All Yamato V2 VF-1 releases since the VT-1 are officially V2.1 toys featuring an improved hip connecting system and less fragile shoulders.  If you have any questions or know of some releases I’ve missed or not mentioned coming out, please comment below!
February: VF-1D (My Review)
February: 1/100 VF-25F Alto (My Review)
February: 1/48 Max VF-1A TV (My Review)
February: Weathered Defender (My Review)
February: 1/55 Toynami MPC Beta (VFB-9Z) (See Toynami Beta Review)
March: Max Jenius VF-1S DYRL (Delayed-April) (See Hikaru 2.0 Post)
March: Luca VF-25 with stand and parts (My Review)
March: Michael VF-25 with stand and parts (My Review)
March: CMs “Riding Figure Set” (Might be Reviewed… some day)
April: Bandai DX Alto & Ozma Super Parts (My Review
April: Max Jenius VF-1A TV (See Hikaru 2.0 Post)
April: 1/60 VF-11B (My Review)
April: Max Jenius VF-1A DYRL (See Hikaru 2.0 Post)
April: Olive Drab Defender Destroid (See Defender Review)
April: 1/100 VF-25S Ozma (See 1/100 VF-25F Alto Review)
April: 1/100 VF-25G Michael (Delayed to May – See 1/100 VF-25F Alto Review)
May: Yamato 1/60 Fan Jet Model, Event/Website Exclusive, 1000 Pieces (Post here) (Reissue next year)
May: CMs Drone Legioss Fighter (Might be Reviewed… some day) 
May: Kakizaki VF-1A TV (See Hikaru 2.0 Post)
May: Kakizaki VF-1A DYRL (See Hikaru 2.0 Post)
May: Beagle Ride Armor, Ray type (My Review)
June: VF-1J Cannon Fodder (See Hikaru 2.0 Post)
June: VT-1 Super Ostrich (Delayed to August/September – Review Pending)
June: YF-19 “Bird of Prey” (Delayed to July – See YF-19 Fold Review)
June: YF-19 “Double Nuts” (Delayed to July – See YF-19 Fold Review)
June: VF-22 Macross7 Dynamite Gamlin (Review Pending)
June: Accessory Kit for Bandai DX Luca (Delayed to July – Review Pending)
June: Accessory Kit for Bandai DX Michael (Delayed to July – Review Pending)
June: DX Ozma with GBP Parts (My Review)
June: 1/55 Toynami MPC Beta (VFB-9I) (Delayed to July/August – See Toynami Beta Review)
June: Toynami 1/100 Wave 4 (Super VF-1A, Strike VF-1S Roy, Strike VF-1S Hikaru Weathered) – (Will be Reviewed) (Delayed to October)


July: VF-1A Cannon Fodder (Delayed to August – See Hikaru 2.0 Post)
July: Aoshima Tread (Updated Beta Review to Include Tread)
July: Olive Drab Weathering Edition Defender (See Weathering Edition Destroids Post)
July: Yamato GN-U VF-1J Hikaru (Might be reviewed… some day)
July: Yamato GN-U VF-1A Max TV (Might be reviewed… some day)
July: Toynami 1/100 VF-1S Stealth (SDCC Event Exclusive) – (My Review)
July: Bandai VF100 Fighter Mode Special VF-25 Ozma & Alto (Might be reviewed… some day)
July: Bandai VF100 Armored Alto VF-25 (My Review)

 Clear Parts for 160.jpgHyper Hobby VF-1J Hikaru.jpg

August: Yamato GN-U VF-1A Cannon Fodder (Might be reviewed… some day)
August: Bandai 1/250 Macross Fighter Collection (My Review)
August: Bandai DX Alto in EX Gear (Review Pending)
August: Yamato Clear Fastpack Accessory parts for V2 1/60 VF-1 Toys (Review Pending)
August: Hikaru V2 VF-1J Weathering Edition (Hyber Hobby Mag Exclusive (See Hikaru 2.0 Post)
August: Max V2 VF-1S Weathering Edition (Yamato Exclusive, 300 pieces) (See Hikaru 2.0 Post)

Weathering Max 1S.jpg

September: VE-1 Elintseeker (Will be Reviewed) (Delayed to October)
September: VF-1D “Virgin Road” (See VF-1D Review) (Delayed to November)
September: VF-1S Roy Focker Prototype Colors (My Review)
September: Alto custom GBP Parts for Bandai 1/60 DX (Should be covered by Ozma+GBP Review)
September: Alto custom “Fold/Warp” Special Banda DX (My Review)

Max 1J 1 AM.jpgMiriya 1J 1 AM.jpg 

October: VF-1J Maximillian Jenius with Super Parts (See Hikaru 2.0 Post) (Delayed to November)
October: VF-1J Miria Jenius with Super Parts (See Hikaru 2.0 Post) (Delayed to November)
October: Alto VF-25F Movie Version with Super Parts (See Super Parts & VF-25 Reviews) (Delayed to November?)

VF-1J Hikaru Weather 148VF11C Macross7 Yamato

November: Yamato 1/60 VF-11C (See VF-11B Review)
November: Yamato 1/48 Hikaru VF-1J Weathering Edition Web Exclusive

VF-22 Macross7 MiriaVF-22 Macross7 Max

December: Yamato VF-22S Miria (Will be covered by Gamlin VF-22S Review)
December: Yamato VF-22S Max (Will be covered by Gamlin VF-22S Review)
December: Yamato V2 VF-1J Hikaru GBP Parts (Will be Reviewed)
December: Bandai DX Macross Quarter (Will be Reviewed)
December: Bandai Robot Soul VF-25 Alto
December: Bandai Robot Soul Q-Rea
December: Yamato V2 VF-1S Unpainted for Customizers Edition (See my VF-1S Prototype Review)

VF-1 GBP Parts Yamato

Unknown (Next Year?): Yamato Phalanx Destroid (Will be Reviewed)
Unknown (November?): Beagle Houquet Ride Armor (Will be Reviewed) CANCELED
Unknown (March?) Mega House Houquet Ride Armor (Will be Reviewed) CANCELED
Unknown (November?): 1/55 Toynami Beta (VFB-9X) (See my Toynami Beta Review)
Unknown: Yamato Fast Pack & Upgrade Parts for GN-U VF-11B
Unknown: Yamato Fast Pack & Upgrade Parts for GN-U YF-21
Unknown: Yamato Fast Pack & Upgrade Parts for GN-U YF-19
Unknown: Yamato GN-U VF-11B with Fast Packs
Unknown: Yamato GN-U YF-21 with Fast Packs
Unknown: Yamato GN-U YF-19 with Fast packs
Unknown: Yamato GN-U VF-1S Hikaru
Unknown: Yamato GN-U VF-1A Kakizaki
Unknown: Yamato GN-U VF-1S Focker with Fast Packs

Next Year: Yamato 1/2000 DYRL – SDF-1 (Will be Reviewed) (Potentially CANCELED, model of prototype for sale at $2,300)
Next Year: Bandai DX VF-27 Lucifer Brera Stern (Will be Reviewed)
Next Year: Bandai Robot Soul Koenig Monster (Will be Reviewed)
Next Year: Bandai 1/100 Hi-Metal VF-19 Kai (Will be Reviewed)

A special thanks to Overdrive for providing me with some pics.

19 Replies to “A Long Overdue Toy Schedule Update!”

  1. I’m thrown off by the large amount of white on the Max Jenius TV version– should the chest and such be blue?

  2. The 1As flown by Ben and Max in Robotech (Max’s first plane) were all white with the exception of the arms, legs, and head. Many consider these very bland schemes and that’s a large part of the reason they haven’t been made into toys very often. Max later got his all blue 1J (after the rain of death) and that paint scheme is much more popular. Yamato has not yet announced when Max’s all blue 1J will be available.

  3. Guess I need to pull out my disks again, because I somehow remember the -1A being a little bit more blue than that– but probably just my old mind failing me, or trying to merge in the -1J coloration. I guess I just don’t remember it looking so damn white in fighter mode.

  4. Damn Yamato! I bought the v.2 VF-1D and am thinking of ditching my v.1, and now they are coming out with the Super Ostrich and the Elintseeker? Looks like I should prepare to put my others on the market as well.

    Not to mention- a Yamato SDF-1? Damn!

  5. There goes my so-called “budget”… My very first 1/60 Yamato Valk is on it’s way, (Hikaru DYRL VF-1A w/ fast pack), and I have a feeling that it’s going to be the first in a long line of Yamato acquisitions that will ultimately spell the demise of my marriage… Oh well, we all have to have our priorities… ;-)

  6. Really have to be selective on buying Macross stuff these days with so many to choose from especially when you have only have limited budget. It is somewhat difficult to keep up the fast moving pace of Yamato.

    I already have in mind to sell off my 1/60 Ver.1 and concentrate on 1/55 reissues. Heard Toynami is going to work on 1/55 scale valkyrie using the old mould. I hope the plan has not been canceled. I really look forward to it.

    I will also set aside my saving for 1/2000 scale SDF-1 & Macross Quarter. These are interesting pieces.

  7. Was going to sell off my v.1 VF-1D, but now I’m reconsidering. I like my v.2 one better, but I also like the diecast of the original.

    Need more display room!

  8. I’m curious to see if there will be any extras packaged with Ray’s ride armor. There’s not a lot of retooling on his release from Stick’s, so maybe that could keep production costs low enough that we could see a Mint figure or at the least a set of saddlebag/storage boxes. Looks like they solved the problem with the beam gun that Mega House had, it seems to be hinged so that it swings out into the riders hand. Overall a great looking piece.

  9. Hi everybody !

    I’m a french guy (so I apologize for my lame english writing skills) and I’m really decided to purchase the Beagle version of this amazing Cyclone/RA…

    I prefer Scott/Stick model to Rand/Ley’s model, but I heard Toynami originaly wanted to release 4 or at least 3 models, including of course Bartley VR-038 and Yellow VR-41…

    What’s new about that ?
    Will it be only 2 or a few more models, I can’t find any clear announcement on that issue…

    I can afford only one, because of the high price of these items and do not want to regret to have one instead of another… the must would be a Dark one (like the MH 1/15 one) or a Black and white one (like the Brave Gohkin ones)… but we just don’t know yet, so…

    Thanks by advance for any news !

  10. Beagle hasn’t shown any art of their next two ride armors but barring any economic disasters they’re supposed to make both Rook and Yellow’s armors. Toynami’s initial advertisement also mentioned Shadow Chronicles repaints but that was before the pairing with Beagle.

  11. I want a 1/60 Cannon Fodder 1A or 1J but I am leaning towards a 1A wish they would make a 1S Cannon Fodder…they should include thedifferent heads in the box.

  12. Great reviews! Love the site – keep up the great work. Any news about Yamato releasing a 1/60 version of the Regult? I’m really looking forward to it, if it ever happens.

  13. I’m in for the TV Max and TV Ben, Destroid Phalanx, all the Beagles and maybe a 1A or 1J Cannon Fodder.

    You did not mention the Toynami green and shadow Betas which I’m also on board for.

  14. Updated to include the Toynami Beta releases. The only thing I know are missing now are Yamato’s GNU VF-1 toys but I don’t know their release dates.

  15. Updated to include the Toynami 1/100 releases, the Yamato GN-U releases, and all the new products we’ve learned about since May 1st. Going forward, these posts will only contain pictures of toys that either aren’t out yet or don’t quite have a post on my site.

  16. Updated to include the bad news from Beagle and a bunch of new toys. Interesting developments taking place on Yamato’s 1/2000 SDF-1 lately but it sounds like it’s been scrapped for the most part. Let me know if you see anything I missed! –

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