Toynami 1/100 Super/Strike Parts

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Review: Oh Toynami, why aren’t you a better toy company?

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Packaging & Extras (4.5/5)
My first impression with these super parts was entirely positive. The packaging is small and attractive and it comes with everything you could want with this accessory. It’s nice to see the Strike Cannon included with the TV parts even though that’s not canon.

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Charm & Collectability (2/5)
The 1/100 doesn’t have a diehard fan base, it doesn’t have any diecast to it, it’s only kinda perfect transformation, and everything Toynami touches is built to break. People will buy these Super Parts but they ought to wait for a second release.

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Sculpt, Detail, and Paint (8/10)
As much as I may complain about the durability of this product I can’t complain about the looks. Some people may have preferred if Max and Milia received leg armor the same color as their paint schemes, other people may note that the arm armor is more DYRL than TV, but on this tiny of a package I can’t complain. Everything looks pretty good and I’m glad to see they got the difference between the DYRL Reaction Missiles tops and the TV Reaction Missiles tops correct.

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Design (4/10)
Seriously, why? Does no one at Toynami own a Jokemachine? All you have to do to make a proper super parts toy is make slots in the toy and pegs in the armor. That is all it takes. It’s so simple babies do it every day with games where they fit pegs through shapes but apparently that’s too easy for Toynami who likes to continually challenge their own inability. This time they’ve made it so you have to remove fragile parts from the fragile back pack to attach new parts that the super parts will attach to. Does that sound ridiculous to you? It should and it works about as well as you’re probably imagining. TERRIBLE design. Then there’s the reaction missiles. First of all, three hard points on the wings wouldn’t have been all that hard to accomplish on the original toy but if they absolutely didn’t want to do that then they should have mimicked Yamato’s Reaction Weapon system. Admittedly, Yamato has proven pretty inept when it comes to attaching reaction missile to their toy’s wings also and they’ve just now overcome that hump with their 1/60 2.0 toy but still, a dangly missile is so much better than an attachment that just plain doesn’t work. I’ll revisit that more in a moment but suffice it to say, the missiles should have featured a peg that turned one hard point into two instead of a slot that has to fit the circumference of a hard point perfectly. The next complaint is the strike cannon. It’s basic enough and works but Revoltech’s Strike cannon was far better and it wouldn’t have taken much effort to incorporate a little flexibility into the design. The one bright spot in this design comes in the form of slots in the leg armor that really help keep the toy together in fighter mode. While the parts may prove a bit heavy on Wave 1 toys with their looser joints, I had no problems with my wave 2 VF-1J toys and everything felt quite solid in all modes… you won’t have to worry about the parts popping off on you.

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Durability & Build (3.5/10)
The missile piece that creates two hard points from one is going to break. I tested the DYRL missiles and the TV missiles and had no survivors. When this happens you can have a max of two reaction missiles on the wings. While it’s not the end of the world, I think the triple cluster of the reaction missiles a lot of what makes a super valk so intimidating. If the fit isn’t perfect on the backpack then expect lots of issues. Getting the super parts on some toys is a major pain and once they are on removing them may seem impossible. The force from the application caused a stress mark on one of the backpack attachment parts in one of my samples.  One of my strike cannons also had some excess glue on it.

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Articulation (7/10)
obviously there isn’t a whole lot of articulation that could be expected here. You do get the necessary movement in the Strike cannon and you also get the ability to reposition the large boosters. Both of these are the two most important points of articulation and they work fine. I would have given a better score here if the strike cannon had a better range of movement. Beyond that I’m glad Toynami didn’t try for anything more, I doubt it would have ended well in this small of a scale.

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Total Score (29/50)
These parts are cheap in price and execution. It’s a real shame that Toynami failed so utterly and miserably when it came to the missiles. There seriously needs to be some firings over at Toynami for letting something like that make its way to consumers. I also don’t think the guy who developed the backpack attachment design for the super parts should feel very comfortable with his job either. That said, everything LOOKS good so if Toynami revisits this product later with some hint of a talent for toy making this could be a nice addition to spruce up the look of your 1/100 Valkyries. If you really want Super Parts to make your battroid mode poses look cool, and you have no intention of using the missles, then this will get the job done.

5 Replies to “Toynami 1/100 Super/Strike Parts”

  1. Man, I love that review! I am partial to the Toynami MPC Alphas, but I have some issues with Toynami’s quality control on them, as well.

  2. I got a set of 3 to go with my Series 2 Valks. I actually managed to get 5 of the 6 missile converters on without snapping, but it was a slow and tedious process. Now that they are on, I am never removing them.

    I put my converters towards the ends of the wings, so that there is a little more room for the arms to move around in Gerwalk and Battroid modes while leaving the missiles attached. When you do snap one, a few drops from a hot glue gun should do the trick. It will hold forever and excess can be scraped off.

  3. Great review & pics! (Especially the GNU comparison, since I was really wondering about the relative scale of those pieces).

    For my money, the single Fast Pack set I have (Milia, $5 + $3 postage via eBay) was pretty darn nice. The detail was amazing (Even the backpack engine bells pivot!), and they feel very substantial in-hand and look great with some time spent doing in panel-lines and putting on decals. The set gives some added stability weight to the Valk, too.

    Toynami’s 1/100 line is one of my favorite run of Macross products from my 20+ years of Macross toy and model collecting. Cheap & easy to find, great detail, very display space friendly. If you spend a quiet half-hour marking their panel lines you get something really stunning. You do have to shop a little carefully for them and be gentle with them, however.

  4. Hello there! I just wanna ask, do the backpacks of the Battroid mode have any problem being floppy with the Fast Packs on them for both wave 1 and 2 VFs? I’m really curious about buying these for my Toynami 1J and 1A Max.

  5. I don’t recall any problems but I’m afraid I have them all put away right now and can’t really double-check for you. Hopefully someone else reading through these posts who has one handy can double-check for you. There are lots of toys coming out early next year that will force me to drag these out for a comparison but in the meantime the only issue I hear many people complaining about (besides the awful missiles) are balance issues.

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