Toynami Popbox 1/6 Hikaru Figure

REVIEW(updated): Return of the Man Doll

Packaging & Extras: (3/5)
Toynami continues to deliver high end packaging.  The box has a nice texture, it’s also stylish and features an opening door that provides a window to the goodies within.  You receive dog tags and a sew on patch in 1/1 scale with the toy and you also receive an extra hand so you’re not limited to saluting or pimp smacking poses.  I would have loved to have seen more extras but maybe that’s a bit greedy.  A special mail-away kit was made featuring a bonus cooking set-up and radiated fish like the scene where Hikaru feeds Misa in DYRL.  It would have been awesome if those mail away bits were part of the standard issue and it also would have created excitement about what bonuses might come with future Max and Roy dolls.  The subsequent Max in blue suit and Hikaru and white pilot suit toys came with more accessories like hands and a helmet.

Charm & Collectability: (2.5/5)
This is a limited edition man doll with only 3000 being created but the number of people interested seemed far lower.  Most releases were quickly discounted and eventually sold off at incredibly steep discounts.  Toynami may have further damaged demand for these toys with huge delays and by splashing images of future dolls in their flight suits as people who were just looking for something to add to their displays might have waited until the flight-suit version of these dolls are released.  Hikaru in his blue suit was released in November 2006 for $79.95, Max followed in September 2007 at the same price point, and then Hikaru in his flight suit appeared in May 2008 for $99.95.  Despite prototypes of Roy figures and Max in his pilot suit the line ended with the Hikaru release.  300 pieces of a limited version of the Hikaru figure with his helmet permenantly affixed with a light-up gimmick were sold online and at events.

Sculpt, Detail, & Paint: (8/10) blue suit versions, (7/10) white suit Hikaru
For the most part this is a pretty solid representation of Hikaru.  The only item that seems off is Hikaru’s undershirt.  On the doll that undershirt kinda seems like an old-timey priatey shirt (but in blue) whereas I believe it was much tighter in the movie.  I’m not a 1/6 figure collector but I understand there are some incredibly detailed and life-like 1/6s out there.  As this is a 1/6 based on an anime character I’m willing to forgive the fact it seems a bit plain to me.  The white flight suit version of Hikaru received an all new head sculpt that was more narrow and had a smirk and didn’t do nearly as good a job bringing Hikaru to life as the head on the blue jumpsuit version.  I’ve read online that the Max figure features sharper details… but I could never convince myself there was a reason to purchase him.

Design: (7/10)
I wasn’t feeling quite brave enough to strip down Hikaru and see just how complex the figure beneath was.  There are many points of articulation so you don’t have to worry about confusing this toy with a Ken doll.  The little zipper actually works, and works well, so if they ever make a Minmay doll you can definitely set them up in a soft-core scene.  Okay, the line is dead so all of you hoping for sexy Meltrans, Misa, or Minmay will have to go back to customizing your Barbies.  The biggest complaint I see about these toys is that they have a high center of balance so they topple easily.  You would hope with that being the case a doll stand would have been included but it’s not.

Durability & Build: (8/10)
To be honest, since I’m not a 1/6 figure fan I haven’t really run Hikaru through the ringer like I typically would.  That said, I’ve been watching forums and I haven’t heard any real grousing at all.  Shocking as it is, this may be a solid Toynami release.  I get the feeling though that 1/6 figure collectors are more gentle with their products than transformable plane fans (and since 1/6 figures don’t have to transform they tend to be pretty solid).  I won’t hesitate to change this score if I find people commonly complaining about their toys having any sort of common flaw.  I mentioned in the design section that these toys tend to topple over.  If you’re going to go for a full standing pose, get a doll stand.

Articulation: (8/10)
Well you’re not going to be able to do every pose you can imagine, and you may occasionally have problems getting the figure to balance, but otherwise this things shows some pretty good range of movement.  I did a few poses from the Matrix to test this out.  Again, I’m not a 1/6 collector so there might be MUCH better figures out there but for what this is, I was mildly impressed.

Total Score: (36.5/50)
That’s probably the highest score I’ve ever given any Toynami product.  This toy certainly isn’t for me regardless of its score and I’m afraid it might be a bit misleading to the 1/6 collectors out there who probably have an entirely different set of expectations.  If you’re more of a toy collector and you have a display where you think a large Hikaru or Max would help bring things together then I doubt you’d be disappointed by what you get here.

NOTE: This review has been updated to include content on subsequent releases and the end of the line.  Original post January 30, 2008.

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