Toynami VF-1 Morphers (Clear, Chrome, Super, and Metallic Releases)

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I don’t know what inspired Toynami to go so nuts with their VF-1 Morpher releases but boy, did they! Each one is easily identifiable by its packaging though. The Super Morphers come in unique boxes and contain fast packs but are essentially the same as the first releases but with a few holes drilled in them to accept the fast pack connections.  Next is the box for the Clear Morphers which is very similar to the box used for the standard Morphers combo pack but they’ve removed the “EXCLUSIVE BEN DIXON” sticker. Don’t worry, Ben’s still present.  The Metallic Morphers came with the DVD releases of the “Remastered” Robotech Saga… the one that was quickly followed by the superior Protoculture Collection (shakes fist toward HG).  The Chrome Morphers were exclusives, or shared exclusives, and you can tell which exclusive was available where by examining the pic below. These quasi exclusives come in tins with nice individual art and are the only Morphers that come packaged in fighter mode. 

LE Morphers 22.jpgMorphers Chrome 2.jpgLE Morphers 17.jpg 

Obviously the chrome exclusives should be the real collectible of this group as they are limited to a specific number. The fact there aren’t many people out there trying to have every Morpher ever made means that none of this should be considered particular charming or collectible… especially with Bandai’s Joke Machines being so much more fun.

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The paint schemes on some of these releases do warrant some praise. First of all, the transparent toys definitely have a very distinct look although personally, I thought it worked better on some schemes than others. The chrome toys look sharp to me but I know some people absolutely hate the metal-plated look so obviously these aren’t for everyone. The metallic versions I think are a modest improvement over the standard paint scheme as they’re not so metallic as to get tacky or look sparkly.

Miriya Morpher Variants.jpgMiriya Morpher Variants 2.jpg 

As you can probably imagine, these toys aren’t more sturdy or more poseable than their standard variety brethren. A word of warning though, paint jobs and platings tend to be easily scratched so if you’re really worried about keeping your limited morpher pristine you probably shouldn’t go too nuts with the number of transformations.

Max Morpher Variants 1.jpgMax Morpher Variants 2.jpg

Overall this is a total personal preference item.  If you can find these real cheap and want a little office decoration then you may find them worthwhile.  If you’re looking for a toy that’s really going to engross you… this is probably not it.  I’ve provided pics of all the Morphers in this review though so you can make your own decision of which ones you think are the best to own.  Another SUPER HUGE THANKS goes out to Zor Master who once again generously allowed me to photograph these toys from his private collection. 

Morpher Hik & Others 1.jpgHikaru & Other Variants2.jpg

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