Takatoku Paro Valkyries

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Review: The Tiniest Transformable Vintage Valkyrie

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Packaging & Extras: (3/5)
These tiny little buggers come with a gun and a set of decals (not entirely generic ones either). This is pretty clearly not a modern toy, the blister inside is actually stapled to the cardboard behind it. Since the Miria Paro Valkyrie wasn’t opened I didn’t have the heart to pull it out so forgive me for not showing more pics of it. The art on the packaging is quite cute but is the same for each release.

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Charm & Collectibility: (2.5/5)
Being so small, not having any diecast, and only being able to transform into two modes has meant a life of relative obscurity for these products in the realm of Takatoku goods. Most collectors would much rather scrape their pennies together and buy a Bandai Joke Machine or a Takatoku 1/100 Valkyrie then hunt out these pull-back, roll forward toys. That said, they’re not the easiest thing to track down but if you are tracking them down you can rest assured you’re not in the midst of a heated hunt. That said, as you might suspect, some will be easier to come across than others and you can find yourself hunting for quite a while. There were only four releases available (Max 1J, Miria 1J, Hikaru 1J, Roy 1S).  The picture below is provided for scale purposes.  I can’t prove it but I’d assume, based on other toys, Max & Miria are harder to come across.

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Sculpt, Detail, and Paint: (5.5/10)
I honestly prefer these toys to Toynami’s Morpher efforts. As mentioned in the Morpher review, Toynami largely “borrowed” just about every design aspect of this toy but they then made it larger with less egg-y characteristics and it seems to me that it loses some of the charm you’ll find in the Takatoku. Yes, the Toynami does feature more painted on detail but the Toynami doesn’t come with any decals at all whereas the Takatoku has plenty of them (not applied in my comparison pics). The Takatoku also seems to have a bit more detail work and in the smaller package it comes together to look a bit sharper. Neither version of the toy holds a candle to a Joke Machine but of the two my preference goes to Takatoku.  Judge for yourself though with the pics below:

 Paro vs Mopher 2.jpgParo vs Morpher.jpg

Design: (5/10)
It’s a shame there isn’t more to these toys but they’re meant to be very simple and they accomplish that mission. They actually seem to handle themselves better than Takatoku’s Henkei valks in some ways. You only get two modes and a long list of compromises to get there though… but hey, you also get pull-back-spring-forward action! When you turn these toys around in Battroid you discover that the wings can’t close all the way but that doesn’t really detract from anything here.

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Durability & Build: (7/10)
Little toys can be a bit frail overall but these aren’t overly frail in any way. As with the Toynami morphers, there should be some concern about the tabs that connect the chest to the back of the toy when transforming from Battroid to fighter (Pictured below). I also found some odd paint smears on my samples.

 Morpher Flaws.jpg

Articulation: (4/10)
These absolutely aren’t made for articulation, you can pose them on your shelf in either Battroid mode or fighter. If you were a child though you could zoom them back and forward in there spring-driven glory and then transform them and put there arms out to fight… which I’m thinking was the general idea here.

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Total Score: (27/50)
I would definitely give these toys a nod over Toynami’s efforts but you don’t get the same depth in the choices you’ll have which is kind of a bummer.  That’s definitely a personal opinion though, I’ve heard people say that the Toynami Morphers are a big improvement so, as with everything I write, your mileage may vary.  It’s too bad Takatoku didn’t make a giftset that featured six of these guys. If you need something super deformed and you don’t want a Joke Machine then maybe these toys will do the trick for you. If you’re not a huge Super-Deformed fan then there’s not really much here for you. A huge thanks goes out to Zor Master for providing all the Paro Valks in this review.

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