Yamato 1/48 Super/Strike Parts (Standard & Stealth)

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Observations & Critique: Micro Missiles!

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The boxes could be sturdier and somewhat smaller but those are my only gripes.  They do feature some decent “art” and a fold-up flap that reveals a window to see the greatness that is this accessory.  It also comes with full instructions and decals as well as individual missiles on a sprue (it’d be nicer if they were pre-painted not on a sprue types).  There’s also one accessory included but it’s a pretty vital one, a little white clip that fills the gap between the battroid’s head and back and locks the rear flap into place.  The Stealth Super/Strike packs are available individually or in a single white box that accompanies the Stealth VF-1J “Special Set.”

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At this point we’re a generation removed from the release of this accessory (with Yamato having moved on to the 1/60 V2 toys before going bankrupt). Though Arcadia purchased the 1/60 V2 molds from Yamato it did not purchase anything relating to the 1/48 valks so we will officially never see a reissue of this accessory.  The Stealth version of the parts only saw one release making them particularly hard to come by and pricey in the secondary market.  The dramatic visual impact both the DYRL and Stealth parts command when attached to certain valkyries ensures that they will always have quite a bit of charm.  I’ve included a picture above to demonstrate the differences between these parts which were sold separately and the TV parts that were only available as bundles with the gift-set releases.

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The only way I feel this toy could have been better from a sculpt, detail and paint perspective would be more painted on detail.  I really dislike stickers and these fastpacks look just a bit plain without them.  A perfect example of this is the reaction missiles.  The Yamato V1 1/60 features missiles with the reaction emblem adorning the sides but the 1/48 version is a step back from this.  The mixed paint of the Stealth parts is nice but they’re still missing an element of flash without the additional detail the stickers would provide.  See the pics below for close-ups of the detail of these parts.

Yamato 148 Strike Parts 3 Yamato 148 Strike Parts 7

There are a couple issues here.  First, the missile design isn’t sturdy enough in either the big reaction missiles or the missile booms on the fast packs.  The mini missiles have the potential for popping out and off the vehicle while the big missiles are similarly impaired.  It might have also been nice if the removeable portions of the armor were easier to get on and off but the fact there are three removable sections of armor plate says a lot about how cool this product really is.  I’ve filmed a video review to give you a better feel of what I’m talking about.

The most disconcerting problem these parts have is the potential to remove a booster nozzle when attempting to remove the armor aft of the missile boom.  If that booster does pop off it doesn’t seem to be too big of a deal, it comes ever-so-lightly glued into place and can definitely be re-glued right back where you found it… or you could just choose to leave it removable if you plan on popping the armor on and off frequently.  The largest weakness here stems from the missiles mentioned in the design section.  The method attempted to secure the missiles on these fastpacks, or the wings, requires a perfect fit and it’s not likely you’ll achieve this.  The missiles would have to both fit into each other perfectly and then attach to the wing perfectly.  Usually something along the way will fit a little loose and the missiles will then drop from the plane with moderate contact.  Most everything else here fits nice and snug and if it does pop off (which parts might during transformation) everything is resilient enough to handle a fall.  Yamato’s V2 1/60 has many of the features here but without all the looseness of fit issues.  Be careful of your 1/48’s backpack whenever you install or remove super boosters (make certain you have the small triangular antenna recessed so you don’t put undue pressure on the backpack hinge).

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It’s really cool that each missile is its own individual unit.  Want to make it look like your super valk has already fired a few of its missiles?  That won’t be a problem here.  Diorama buffs might even be able to have fun with the mini missiles but I can’t see anyone else really utilizing them and Yamato did give up on this feature on their smaller v2 1/60 version.  The only place this product falls short is in the mobility of the individual nozzles on the fast packs.  The Toynami versions feature a couple adjustable nozzles, it would have been nice to see Yamato incorporate that feature into this otherwise completely superior product.  Kudos here for the fastpacks not hampering the mobility of the original toy at all, the Yamato V1 1/60 product was unable to accomplish this (although the V2 does replicate this success).

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It’s just an accessory but it’s a darn good one and certainly one worth owning.  Personally, I hate spending a lot of money on accessories but Yamato does make it a lot easier by delivering such a quality product.  The visual impact of this kit applied to a 1/48 toy is truly astonishing.

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  1. Great review!

    Do you have any photos of Mass Production version with Stealth Super / Strike Parts?


  2. I just scanned the ol’ photo drive and I’m afraid I came up empty on CF with Stealth parts pics. Sorry :(
    Some time later I must have found some because the review now includes a battroid and GERWALK mass production toy with stealth strike parts.

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