Gakken 1/55 Alpha/Legioss

Posted in 1/55, Alpha/Legioss & Beta/Tread, Gakken, MOSPEADA/RT New Gen at 6:10 am by micronian

REVIEW (Updated): Stuck in the middle with this
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Bandai Robot Spirits Queadluun Rare

Posted in Bandai, Macross Frontier, Other & Non-scale, Others: VF-4, VB-6, VF-2SS, etc. at 5:12 am by micronian

Review(updated): Now includes Pixie Squadron variant.
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Banpresto 1/144 VF-1 Toys

Posted in 1/144, Banpresto, Macross/RT Macross Saga, VF-1, VT, VE Valkyrie at 6:53 am by micronian

Review (updated): Now includes super/strike and standard releases in one post
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Kaiyodo Revoltech Regult

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Review(updated): Walking Egg of DOOM!
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