Toynami I-Men: Macross Saga and the New Generation Toys

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Review: Totally cubular!

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Bandai S.H.Figuarts Macross Figures

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Review: Mikumo, Freija, and Sheryl

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KitzConcept 1/12 Collectible Action Figure Series

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Review: The line begins with Lynn Minmei!

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Toynami Robotech 1/18 Action Figures

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Review: Rick, Roy, Max, Miriya, and Minmay

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Toynami Popbox 1/6 Hikaru Figure

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REVIEW(updated): Return of the Man Doll
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CMs Mospeada Character Figures

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CMs Mospeada Figures 7

Observations & Critique: Casual clothing figures for your ride armor collection
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Bandai DX Alto in Ex Gear

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DX EX Gear 10

Review: Shut up, it’s not a doll it’s an action figure!
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